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There is this type of weight loss procedure that most common is commenced mostly by more influential people.

I might call myself that at least. So the process procedure might be; simple as deadly for the stomach fat. To as well increase your mental health. That’s truly is the remarkable.


It’s no hola hola. But starvation is the key to losing weight. And in this tutorial, I will speak about that and what other things can be significant to do in the process so you don’t quit in progress.


Have you ever felt starving to eat something? Have you ever fasted? At least set your goals and achievements? The time you felt starvation might be many years ago; most children think that coming home from school. You might end up mixing water with chocolate powder.

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Start to eat butter or bread with sugar and no butter. Anything that’s not easy to stop the hunger from going away. But that’s when the fat in the body starts to incinerate. That’s when you lose bodyweight. So now you know that. What would be a simple solution? Starvation several times a day or just one time each day?

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Up toTwo Times a Day

So, just by starvation, you might perhaps start doing it two times a day. Don’t eat your breakfast, don’t eat your lunch. Drink only beverages or some coffee. Don’t pound the best meal; get ahead eating the less.

This procedure is quite devastating to many people; often, they cannot starve at all. Make a plan, and set the levels to make them dominate your decisions. At least start up by having a routine.

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Less meat, low calorie

First, you starve from being awake till you eat your dinner at 15:15-17:00. If you chose 15:15, there would be easier for you not to die too heavily. And let others serve you the dinner. Jump over the meat, and have low-calorie food. But even that isn’t always important. What’s essential sometimes is how much. Don’t eat, so you are filled up.

Do that perhaps at the weekends. And eat what you want either at dinner or at least before you sleep. A salad will often reduce your weight since that is thermal food, and that is such a way of using more energy to digest the food than getting any energy out.

Thermal Food

Don’t overeat food that isn’t as well thermal; Thermal food is often described as food that can reduce your body fat when the menu gives you more energy used by the digesting system by your food in your diet. So here are dominant primary two thermal foods you might want to know:

Firstly it’s Uncooked Raw Eggs mixed with the double amount of the egg, where the whole egg is mixed with sugar, and best is double up sugar. Mix till you see yellow bubbles in the mixture.

And eat. You will know this is hard thermal food, but it displaces no logic, and most might think the opposite somehow. I lost around 10-15kg just doing this procedure until I was unhappy about eating it daily. But it helped; it did.

The fact with egg and sugar is that you will eat 50grams of sugar, but then it’s well mixed with a fat sugar protein-rich environment, which becomes a high viscosity mixture, which is more complicated for the body to digest.

High viscosity means how long it takes for the mix to travel, perhaps being spilled over a blank ark. How fast it will meet the end. The longer it takes to be sloppy, the better the consistency. But you need the golden middle line in this understanding.

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Overdose Egging?

Even eating egg and sugar together might send your body to a different dimension. Some myths say that eating too many eggs is wrong since you will scratch your balls. Indifferently have you ever heard anyone die from an overdose of eggs? Well, I’ve heard of people dying from an overdose of weed.

The second thermal food: Brown bread, where the yeast has worked throughout the dough as a single procedure. Less yeasted bread will give a high level of simple carbohydrates.

These carbohydrates are as well a problem for people with diabetes. But since you can make sourdough that is more preferred, you should go for that bread variant. So stop eating any bread yeasted. Since you’ll be eating bacteria and that’s pretty much more protein and fewer carbohydrates.

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Diabetes Reversal

When we talk of diabetes, people might often prevent this sickness or change that for the better, at least reverse the illness because they reduce the fat levels around the organs. Some organs function less excellently with fat around them. Have you ever heard that obesity, Schizophrenia, and diabetes are rooted in their circle of craziness?

There are no statistics, but if you mix more and more sicknesses, you increase the threshold to insanity. You might even have Candida, not knowing why you eat.

The overgrowth of Candida is frightening, and that is probably the root of Parkinson’s and is the closest way to getting cancer. So do you eat less? Then more, and if you have already started, you are one of the lucky ones.

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From Monday To Friday

The days you should start fasting are two times a day, Monday to Friday. That’s when you will inhibit belly fat loss. For most, too much fasting the wrong way kills the muscles β€”me as I am, I’m nearly like Bruce Lee. I’ve had to go through the day with all my muscles intact.

I see vengeance upon many types of guides. Most do not guide people right; some are just trying to think what’s best for others, some even for the worse, with failures that have been around for decades.

So the keynote is: Don’t starve too much. At least if you can’t get enough critical nutrition. So I wouldn’t say that to a Chinese who only would eat rice.

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Eating Awareness

Do you want to lose belly fat? It’s simple to start fasting two times a day between the morning and the evening. At least what you eat before you go to bed isn’t that hard to understand?

That is what you can fill up a little more or less. Have you already starved two times a day? So how much is the recommendation for eating before you sleep?

Little cheese, about 5-6 slices. Some juice, apple juice as I recommend. I never recommend anyone drinking orange juice since it is the root of 90% of the people in the world gaining a higher risk for cancer. I also recommend eating just a few salads, about a bowl with salads.

What you eat at dinner isn’t that essential to be a problem; at least you feel well having eaten something rich in minerals and other necessary additives.

Still, you eat perhaps what you want. It does not matter since the most extended fasting is from yesterday to dinner. That’s when you feel you want to have that meal. And that is the most important one, and you should aim with that.

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So what will your plan become?

I’ve heard several people say that Schizophrenia had gone when they lost weight. Since obesity is the number one cause on this planet any mental illness, we only speak about industrialized countries.

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My Plan for my Procedure

But look here if you’ve seen me. I was in January at my highest weight until I decided to become the amongst respected people when my weight was ringing alarm at already 119 kilograms in March.

My weight was enormous, and training was impossible, so I started eating eggs and sugar until I fell 113 kilograms. Since then, I have had more energy to perform more exercise. These days I now weigh 108 kilograms. That is a fantastic thing to know.

That little effort pushes me further. And my idea is to hit underneath 100 in just three weeks by following my guide. Do you think I did it or will do it? Since I’ve updated the list recently.

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But the truth above, I didn’t make it, I wasn’t training too much good, and I often did drink coffee and most often a little extra on the weekends and before I went to sleep. So per 2021 January. My weight is still 111 kilograms.

So I understood that I had to start training, and training is an extra plus since I’m training for 10 minutes each other day before I shower. Yes, I shower each other every day, and that’s normal.

But training for about 5-10 minutes at full speed means I use my muscles trying to hit something and take situps and push-ups, jumping a little, and all that.

That took me for a week down 2 kilos. And that’s a massive difference from fasting. I couldn’t get that extra down. Now the weight is going down and down, and my muscles are getting bigger. My body needs more food, and I’m not giving it that much more than having a nearly full belly when eating dinner.

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The idea about training total capacity until your heart starts to pump, you feel the energy being used, and you are nearly choking yourself for the gaps of breath? Well, that is the crucial part of the training, you don’t need to train slowly by going for a walk, that will never help you.

But you need to start training by doing maximum exercise just for 10 minutes top level. Even just doing 2 minutes of bicycle riding at an ultimate push. Your health will go up, and you will lose approximately 10-30% in just one month doing so each day. But 10 minutes each other day might be fine and with the same effect.

Hard to train? Try being lazy. At least flex your muscles; start doing lazy training by push-ups and situps; start doing the process until you feel like it’s more accessible, and you will do that more frequently if you assort this use when needed to be used.

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Intermediate Fasting

So then it was I’d already invented the wheel once again. Perhaps different, your body type. That’s the biggest problem, either you go athlete without fat or sugar. One of them is the more significant issue.

Still, you lose weight by one of them. Perhaps I’ve been stupid, but the guide is like any Intermediate Fasting. But the principle of it has already been invented.

That Intermediate Fasting is so-called one dinner fasting. Not as usual. But somewhat different from this guide. And with this guide, you will attain body fat differently and lose muscle mass far less. And it’s a less destructive way for yourself. You eat what you want but keep starving, at least to dinner from the morning?

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But remember to eat at least an essential portion of food and nutrition in your food, so it’s idiotic going on this diet if you plan only to eat something plain and simple.

Why would it not be fun making your food? And you don’t need to overeat, you eat something that is tasting, and you will love the time you spent on many different prospects of your life than just eating and wasting your time preparing for lunch and breakfast.

It was customary to have a lunch box up in the highest skyscrapers in the old days. You might have seen these pictures from the old days. And in the old days, people did eat food because the food was necessary for their job. Your job might instead be sitting by a desk in-home or at work. Think differently!

At least

But then again, you don’t lose weight if it’s not at least three times a week. Each and another time, you spend more time sleeping. In the end, you’ll be able to stand up earlier.

But sleep is essential. Make enough restitution if you plan to fast but your days later sleepless. And if it’s intensive. Don’t press yourself too much. Eat what your body needs.

But do eat enough for dinner. That’s important. And what you eat is everything you ever wanted. Mc Donald, Hot Dogs. If it’s just about two times a day. You will be ahead of many.

You don’t train? Ok, I either can’t. It feels like being trapped sometimes, and often, these things don’t motivate you. Still, I wrote this guide for the laziest people in the world.

16 hours

I’m on a vegetarian diet. I drink milk and occasionally eat chicken. But I love the cheddar if we’re to eat all that? I still need a pause in eating around three times a week. Well, I was described as nearly 16 hours from Eleven o’clock the day before. I was feeling starvation.

To the dinner, that’s 16 hours. From dinner, it’s for about 8 hours until I get the last snacks before I nearly go to sleep. It makes me just feel comfortable sleeping.

Most of this will not work for many people smoking weed since they will eat and eat and cause problems related to a non-healthy diet and can’t even read this and know what the whole guide is all about. Most would just make a problem out of it.

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Thermal Food

The more you eat, perhaps thermal food, you digest it better. But the sum does not go up with this. That’s why it uses the stomach fat when you feel starvation, and later it initiates new incoming food to be used, perhaps the air. You already knew that people who do consistent starvation eat each day? It does not matter if you say it otherwise.

Since they pour food into the system as steam for patients with an eating disorder, perhaps that makes you even fatter if they use silent oil in any psychiatric room? Well, it’s part of the paranoid state; you might be ahead of that badly in the future. So you never know when starvation is a no more told way.

I’ve been eating raw eggs with sugar. And still, I got the 107.5kg for some time. But my next test is how well the thermic food was doing it. It happened to go down in weight from January to June around 10kg. In March 2020, I weighed around 119kg. I take the weight with my clothes wore. Still, it’s the same amount of clothes each time.

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Thanks to all Supports

Thanks to James Hicks @JamesHicksUK on Twitter and people around whom I can get the motivation to proceed with my increased motivation. They had a factor into this simple guide I’ve been following for just two weeks, and then my weight was at 110 kilograms.

These two weeks, I’ve even been eating what I love: candy, peanuts, ice cream drinking, and coca-cola. Things that could fill up occasionally, but in the more tempered matter.

Thank you for reading, and I hope this might work for you as it did for me. Comments below are welcome; let this success make the noise.

Perhaps you might need to read books? Then learning more minor things as even this? Since reading books might open a whole new spectrum. Some just don’t open their package, and most are gifted. But that indeed is needed for guaranteed success.

While your horizon gets bigger, essential changes might happen to your life. You don’t see that when you close the book you’ve finished. At least not the difference in your life the first week.

It’s essential to learn by reading. The more, the better, but you can also become insane by reading too much. You can have it all, but not all at once.

Quote about life when people dont care


So on to the last, if you at least drink enough throughout each day. Drinking water and beverages like apple juice or milk is the right choice for the standard everyday procedure since you will go down in weight, even just drinking when fasting.

So for the last hold, each training poses below for 20 seconds, then moves on to the next one. Repeat the sequence on the other side. Until you feel enlightenment that it worked more than anything else.

Fasting two times a day increases the muscles and does not degenerate them. This procedure will unquestionably bless you well.

Training in different ways

Bragging About Something Unique

So after I’ve started making this more public, I’ve realized something extraordinary. It might be true that this starvation method will inhibit loss of weight increasingly more powerful way than I’ve ever believed.

How I lost kilos how to go down in wieght

So at least you are at the end. The method is by performing a specific technique, and it goes like this: Eat less between the hours, eat at the end of the day. Starve between sleep and dinners.

And if you would like to do it only once a day, starve to just the 16th hour to dinner. But if you want to die the most, only eat at least 1-2 pieces of bread at around 23:00, less is better, but do you want good sleep? Eat what you want.

The starving process during dinner is one of the most important ones. Otherwise, you wouldn’t want to maybe eat more than eggs in between, but if you starve at least once a day? You might be ahead.

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Eating eggs is the most prominent thing since it has many needed substances, and vitamin C is the only non-existent substance. So perhaps you just eat eggs if you feel like you need to eat.

And you can drink one bottle of Coca-Cola if you just starve two times a day. Beverages are different, and they don’t add up the sum. Eggs and brown bread are though sometimes just the same as thermic food. So you end up using more energy than you take in.

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Updated 2/9-2020 my weight? Staggering 105.7kg. That’s 2.5kg in just one week, nearly 13 kilograms in 6 months. And it shows. All might ask. And training? Well, it’s more needed and possible to perform, but I’m too lazy.

Since the fat isn’t demonization to train away fat, in January 2021, I started more consistently doing a training process and just doing more right ways starvation. Without the training, I wasn’t going anywhere down. So this training I’ve started each other day helped me more.

So, enjoy what you’ve done reading.

Have you heard about this application called Fastic? Is it available for Android and iPhone?

Update in 2021-September – I’ve been weight 112kg, but I gained about 20 kilograms of muscles; since I was training more, I’ve just had 20kg to get down to 90kg.

That is my main idea, but training more. But I’m still on a diet each day. I don’t eat breakfast if I do not plan to play Golf. So we are talking about also much easier walking up mountains. But the kilograms aren’t getting down. But they are either not getting up.

My biggest problem why I don’t go down in weight is my coffee drinking, so stop drinking it with cream, and everything will fall in measure. I promise I will be 90kg in about half a year if I change out coffee, especially creamer, to get down to 90kg.

But that includes training and eating less cheese with salad before I go to sleep. Still, I drink too much, but wait? Isn’t winter coming? Yeah, it’s still possible to get down in weight. All motivation you can have, but starving furthermore, yes I need to do, and not drink any coffee.

By Dealazer

The greatest movement will be done by vocalization of the great knowledge one can get. Musical interest in unknown artists is so low that most fail being them.

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