I will provide with info how to have your music more promoted on your first release


I will be your advice manager for your release of your music.



I will guide you on how to do a proper release of your music.

Daily information where to start, where to promote, how to promote and why to promote.


What time of the day to set up your promo. Who to get in touch with.

Help you each day until your release with social media advertising at low cost, or free.

Who to contact.

Where to release your first single if you already didn’t. To get tons of free radio spins.

I will make your day much better with simple rules about a release.

What to do before you release the music.

I will also give you advice if the track is bad in quality. Help you on your way to achieving the quality, maybe hook you up with the right people for the quality you might need.

I will make others be more in the interest of your first single.

I will also help you how to make a cool cover if it lacks the details.


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