Schizophrenia Again & Again

Schizophrenia is by Hegel described as psychosis, which is confusion. What makes the confusion is interleukin-6 and interleukin-1-beta, which does degrade or at least confuses the dopamine system. “Karolinska Institute about interleukin and Schizophrenia.”

Some people can become healed as soon as the immune system in the brain of Schizophrenia is disabled. Means that Schizophrenia is just a singular problem which does impair people learning the facts of reality by paranoid versions which cause an unstable way of behaviour where things like fantasy are mixed with their reality. The wrongest way people learn is by learning, and this is a sequential problem over time, the longer a Schizophrenic does think by no criticism we then build an association with the reality in the wrong way.

Getting 100% healed by Schizophrenia is possible, either with amino acids that are needed to reduce the activation of the immune system in the brain. But we can talk about parasites and wrong bacteria that inhibit the sickness. It’s pre material pattern.

To heal this above video. People with Schizophrenia have a huge abstraction of understanding things when given medicine or being away from medicine. Most would relatively become what their surroundings do; some don’t wake up from their reduction by not seeing the option to stop, or at least think about or at least understand how to act each second. The sickness itself destabilize people based on their inner thinking. And inner thinking is what some medicines kill the sense of either wrong beliefs. Somehow medicine can be good, but how good is it for a thinking Schizophrenia guy? Often it’s just stability in the inner thinking that will prevent a crime of violence. Especially prolonging violence that can be reduced by knowing their inner self.

Psychopaths don’t know they are unless they know they are. But when they know, and the whole possibility to exist in a world being honest and legal and positively participate the society. You would longly want psychopaths being healed by thinking. Altering their thinking is the power of patience.

There is a gene called FOXP2 where people are basic.

The knocking out of the gene is by people making them Basic, by the preference of our brain it changes throughout the course of life, the same DNA is not always the same 20 years after. What then the vocabulary is simpler; the fact arises on those people who do not like changes, don’t like to change. They are not interconnected with the people of the knowledge of the internet. Many of them have disturbed behaviour because of simpleness. Simpleness is in some psychopaths is vicious, which can act into the use of violence.

The new race is those who stay at home and do not change their knowledge or at least want to heal themself because of that. Keeping the basic line of human version which most does not like to interact with, simpleness might be a diagnose to those who do overexpress themself by sexual complexity by just when the whole world does not allow sexual expression based on intuitive partisanship, means that the reduction in social acceptance will sooner or later in a different world become how to deal with these people who never will learn? The basis of learning is as perhaps ripped out of them.

Those who do not accept the situation might as well be diagnosed with Schizophrenia which is certainly as well based on the wicked people of society. But with medicine, we get people who are superhumans who fight against unknowns and still can know their vigorously bad behaviour. Bad is not known for all, but if bad effects you fight against it or as most does not rely on the structure of humanity by people who are just basic?

Regards to my medication, if you could diagnose me already. It’s Perhpenazine depot injection of 0.5ml each second week, and addition to Quentiapine Depot tablets of 800mg 600+200mg is given me that way my Schizophrenia is under control. What am I then? I called it being Zendic it’s as perhaps being socially well functioning with Schizophrenia, it means by the means that the immune system is disabled. If I perhaps eat meat, the increase of my psychosis can be ahead of time, but as soon as the immune system brain activation is knowledge which can undoubtedly heal Schizophrenia. Using substances as Subutex and Metadon assess the disabling of the immune system as soon as the bacteria in your body is killed “The wrong” Which can disable Schizophrenia. But why disable when if you do on subjects of 20 years ongoing mental illness you get a person which consistently might be wrongly using his healed proportions as he as well thought as Schizophrenics do, that perhaps gives the person non-ability to apprehend the brain he/her has at that point of 20 years experience being Schizophrenic might at least land onto insanely divided violence, since you aren’t able to be healed.

The funny thing though is that Professor Robert Sapolsky “above video” could be diagnosed Schizophrenic by my psychiatrist. If he enters the Castle of The Fate, it ends firstly with violence upon the tenders, because he does not know how to live the life of having a mental illness in the system. He would be rapidly given medicine that surely will help him to survive through the system. At least if he is prepared, he might come out of psychiatric given that he just then lives in a state of being known and that’s the long Kafka process in itself.

Either be weak and let others control your mind? Or else let it go the right way of life? Even everyone could be diagnosed with Schizophrenia, but those who startup with the medicine Zyprexa burst into a lot of problems there. Since Zyprexa always was the first choice for doctors. It literally tricks with your mind. It will perhaps forge you into Schizophrenic. At least that moment, there is no solution to it. The problem is that no Schizophrenic at past wasn’t healthy. Problems with self-health and the absence of initiative justify for who is Schizophrenic by diagnosing. Perhaps at this moment, there are 5% with Schizophrenia in the world. But at least not all are known. And most even fix their life to go good. With it all, it’s surely perhaps that if you master your life? Are you then Schizophrenic?

Yes, if you understand your own psychosis. Medicine can reduce the in your inner self genetics, as messy data on how wrong you are. That perhaps makes you Schizophrenic if your reality is in odds of your knowledge and your beliefs. Outer beliefs of the world, if you are thought to not have this disease as being 18. You can at least not function in the society if you lost the needed interpretation of how to live the life in this society. If you do not tend yourself, as even showering it’s then the end of the road for being mentally ill. Some people with abusive use of drugs often forget who they are. And most are likely to be mentally ill by being a drug abuser.

You might as well start with several interesting stuff on my website: The research on Schizophrenia.

Breaking News Schizophrenia: Researchers have discovered the Genom of Immune System Deficiency

A funny thing though is that there is music all about it, it might be frustrating, but it’s the unique base of whom have been sentenced to the property of impairment. This whole musical experience would be very different than anything else you’ve would see about yourself. The music is top-notch as the chain of my illness was to make music, to become a CEO or at least lead a greater future company?

So perhaps there isn’t anything out there to heal Schizophrenia? Well, perhaps if you were to know that reduction of immune brain system activation. I could heal my Schizophrenia on my own since it’s sort of new level than the Castel of The Fate. Means perhaps that changing out my medicine against Schizophrenia with just referred by me amino acids that would turn off the immune system contamination by active brain immune system, that surely would be a simple recipe that works 100% for people with Bipolar Disease. These amino acids are called: L-Cysteine, L-Lysine and L-Carnitine, it would cleanse the brain and addition one of the essential 3 types of fatty acids are called Lecithin, these supplements cost less than already established drugs. But given perhaps L-Cysteine of 100mg and 50mg of each of the L-Lysine and L-Carnitine would give 200mg pill to swallow each day? And it would become perhaps as giving hundreds time better treatment, but my vicious problems are the fame towards the installation of this use of amino acids. Old known knowledge at about Bipolar illness was just people who had a lack of proteins essential to cleanse the brain out of contamination.

Bipolar & The Coolest Treatment Solution in our World

So what would you do? Scream to the world about it, well, I can’t work on my own, so please share anything of these listed pages to anyone who could have the use of my discoveries!

Despite my first effort all on this was on this page:

The cure to Schizophrenia – Research & Procedures – Medicine to save our life

So perhaps making sense of everything? It’s not always anything, but the more we change the better it is for all. Calling Biden perhaps Schizophrenic as well as this guy Trump? Anyone is either in a big problem they don’t want to get out from:


quote on what people do often to not solve problems

So not bored yet? Watch my informative Schizophrenia video about this sickness around:

Schizophrenia Again & Again

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