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When this idea sparks around hefty, you’ll be able to use it as modern currency. It’s not easy to imagine the thing if you aren’t given the solution to this opportunity.

Imagine that the whole world would love them and use them. Imagine how much you could get from this procedure when all is using it, and all banks do not much be more than the people who have chests full of them.

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Indeed they would become the bank which has importance in loaning away the money like lending it away to surely people would use it as a trading possibility.

When people have much in this world, some can steal your property or your wealth, which happened to many, and when we talk about the coins, how could they change the whole thinking on recycling and many other unique means?

When we take perhaps the customer if he has a coin, the value of that coin printed on it and perhaps as well the coin has value by its actual value, so 1 Norwegian KR is worth 1, and 50 Øre which is lesser value would have the value 50. It makes no sense, but it’s valued more because of the print.

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So perhaps you’ll find a coin valued at 10.000; it’s then worth 10.000. If you want to buy a house, you need to pay 100.000 or even more. But after some while, when groceries sell for coins, they start to take drastically too much or too little for their merchandise.

But everything like this is 3-4 weeks when globally accepted, and this would end in such a reasonable proposition that this scares people for the first time.

So I’ve written about this opportunity. Most realize this is the thing of the future.

Since you will have to enforce different laws with coins like this, and the more you throw or put them into the garbage, you should at least be confiscated coins so that it is apparent you did pollute too much if our society didn’t think about making new merchandise besides things we genuinely need.

Especially when thinking about a good old car called Saab, could you change it into a new vehicle?

You might want to print a unique dashboard. But in this, I mean people should cherish good old things. Since in them lies the wealth of the wealthiest, they always loved the good. They frankly had more, so the less you want, the more you will get.

There’s a great concern too much in our time a deal to focus on particular other parts of the future. Where there are plenty of purposes still, there is love and hate that occurs of the disability to change the future into what is going on.

What is taking place now is that people most often get manipulated in their brains to think negatively. Have you ever been scared about children?

Have you been scared about feeling poorly towards the opposite person of different skin color?

There are movements of mind that form us who become, but the more power you assess with universal laws, the more you intend to catch the harmful foam of thoughts laid down and played down. Many things are unfolding in the mass media.

Still, the more you teach yourself, the more people don’t actually consider these negative things, but again assess the unfavorable while laughing hilariously. And these things change us, and you can know certain specific patterns of these things in some content in media and the governing of the world.

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But what is strange is that you can be caught doing wrong by this time what is taking place about the collective. And this subject is an integral part of intuition that this idea about coins might be as good as possible.

Still, we don’t appreciate or applaud our neighbor; we worship the evil at most, and it’s not about how you do it, but it’s because you’ve been programmed to confuse ourselves about how we are processing information.

In this particular situation, we are in systematic thinking, not part of our brain, but be the basic voice about what is right and wrong. Do always question yourself and your thinking.

The world’s people must work in unity for that victory to triumph. And I don’t know what kind of level you’ve been at, but the more you understand all that you’ve obvious that you can’t deny the level you’re at, the rational way you think.

The more people who are increasing the level of it all, it will be that we are not sitting back and enjoying the show. For the victory to be triumphant, you have to work in unity through all processes you do, and you might be already at a level for training and working to allow you to connect yourself right into this present.

Understanding the presence is that you are the creator of this reality. Simply existing at this moment by one word to be spoken about that subject is breaking out of an aspect of illusion where you are playing an avatar of a level, walking through the terrain, and one day you understand it indeed is a game.

And create what you want. But the limits are breaking down many things. But this is the time when everything is possible, and with the current record, you’ll connect beyond possibilities at the same time. And indeed, all are gifted, but not all open their package.

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I haven’t talked about several things, but several things are increased, and this is an evolution where we are all enlightened, and we are rising in our thinking.

But some people, some entities, have been doing bad things. But there is more increase of as if the devil is dead? He died eventually in his own perpetual way that he was using the third different prospect of trying to steal a soul not able to be stolen, so he died by being killed in this sphere.

So here is the answer to why the devil is dead. But since then, maybe all the vaccines aren’t spectacularly ill, but they might if the military has specific testing on these ways.

The more we know things, the more realness is eventually wrong. But I believe that somehow, a certain level of illness isn’t available through vaccines as they were designed before in our time.

The control against evil might have changed since 2002 different against this system. So evil systems don’t penetrate as we thought was possible. But this time is powerful that there isn’t that much evil continuing in our world today.

These systems have not been spoken about, but those who knew the devil didn’t fully realize it. They seek to reborn him again but can’t say the realness of this.

The devil is trapped inside the matrix he entered that is only visible to mighty people of other dimensions. This dimension is destroyed, or parts of it aren’t partly accessible. But you know that this message says that something better changed in 2002.

So maybe you’ll already listen to these three songs. Well, mostly, it’s the nature of the chaos master that he is either good or bad. But there are two different ones, and just hypothetical that there isn’t anything happening in the world. What if we created a person who would control anyone?

Well, a mastermind can bypass everything where he could have an intelligent way to control all people.

What was possible before 2002. But it’s hypothetical that it would be wild if all were controlled 100% by an entity so that everything would be a simulation that all was or were inside. It’s about how we can get out of this dimension.

Still, people were evil, some good, but most evil already before 2000. Nearly all have their differences. But my father could again have given me brothers around the globe.

Even playing differently at the time, I don’t know if it happened. But it would be strange if my father from Norway would impregnate a woman somewhere other than in this country I’ve lived in for a long time. It’s happening of happening, that things were how things were.

But you’ve done speak different from years to years, but you’ve been following much of these writings on these things in the past, you already are ahead in much, but still, if everything that has not happened in the past, it happens through our present.

There is still possible to change the past; if a person isn’t known, his face will look strange. And people who are known are made by their presence.

But the government has no pleasant way to interest me, they don’t care about my health, but they love keeping me inside. It’s because the devil died. But say hey? Do not fight against the system.

Let the system fight for you! That’s how we all can get through and win at the way, that I’m winning each day, and you can go back to everything that its a fact, that it’s a race war on our earth.

And there are wars against intellectual people as much as I know the dark witch who was making trouble for my life from 2010 to 2014. It’s strange.

I don’t want to think about it, but she was also making Anders Behring Breivik in court a straight man, not an applied mechanism of being a psychiatric patient.

She made my life black, like how black her hair is. She took everything from my life of living from day to day, only things, and imposing pain and restraint that made me settle against it again. So you don’t introduce punishment for doing drugs, but if you do, you continue to impulse more abuse.

But again, the coins, if we created a better future, what you can be in the moment and know that in our world there is too much pollution. And indeed, there are plenty of changes in our lives.

Still, human beings need to understand that intelligence is important for our future, or knowledge to win over all who are weak or evil, arrogant or even imposing evil on others.

You have good experiences and bad experiences. But as long as you learn about value and righteousness. Things can happen badly to the warriors. But permanently shed light on the shadowβ€”win over the situation.

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Don’t be emotional towards things or everything. But some limited people do evil to certain people. Since they know you little, they can impose attacks on you.

And they have no reason with the reality, these ends of people are dual to the coins, they don’t allow for the major of you, and they are the dark wolves, the basic reducers, the sneak sneakers, sneaking unto you until they give against towards. So know that some intentional people might limit you at a certain point wherever you move.

And they will see that they lost if they can’t control you, but certainly will act friendly at some point, but if you generalize people like wolves, they surely were. But always bless your enemies; it doesn’t require many people of bullshit, but some will avail and end up like the best one day.

They read about 100 books a day, but that’s about reading comics. The meaning of existence is knowledge. The conclusion is to change the information given but give hope to people by extension of sources. And there are no necessary ways to complete this, but there is hope for the future.

So liable coins specific means, if you have a bank and the bank is giving away loans that themself can’t pay, they are doing it wrong.

They need understanding about the vision one makes to make a loan, and I have the honor of saying all about this creation about coins, in composition, but I’ve been through other dimensions in this system that you have a question, how do I get there?

Well, probably when you are watching this, there is the existence of life much more remarkable when we find deeper meanings about this.

But some ways can make people open all the doors, from dimensions of different ways, that there is from our place a third dimension to the fourth dimension, and the number equals eight as the first dimension and the third and the fourth. But there isn’t more than a fourth dimension: this space we live inside.

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Coins, coins, coins, these coins they trill they yill they peal and kill the million brain cells, and its tricky system about Bitcoin is that it is the wrong way of currency, why to make things more extraordinary when they can be much more significant. It’s known that 99% of Bitcoin is scams, criminality, and drugs. And there are too many examples. So nothing gets rich unless it ends.

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Having a legal tender coin of understanding the world would be much different. It would change everything in the world, in the way it is capacity in a way this would change the great world into much greater.

Who values numbers? No one when its numbers; that’s why some have thousands of Bitcoins and wait, or in the end, will wait too long and then balance on a dive.

I really like the stories that deaLazer is writing on his site, and this surely is a great wakeup when people realize this unprecedented time. When people can't believe it about this time of mass hypnosis Click To Tweet

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By Dealazer

The greatest movement will be done by vocalization of the great knowledge one can get. Musical interest in unknown artists is so low that most fail being them.

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