Truth or false?
If you get the Vaccine, you are more able to infect others?

If you are naturally vaccinated.
OR perhaps use my vaccine? One cell of Corona. It’s free to produce with Norwegian Water and is super effective. Since you don’t die of one, but thousands or a hundred millions by just a sneeze.
And yet vaccines do learn the immune system just what it doesn’t need to learn. And that’s what we should do if we get infected? We don’t even cough out the slime, and even doctors agree that above normal cough is enough to not be at all afraid?

While the people behind the dummies’ books might have died of Corona, there was never a short guide, perhaps dummies always were long tutorials, but I’m taking it further down the road.

So let me explain what I’ve already known, what others do not know about what the majority of the people do not know, based on statistics but as well as my own taken beliefs that are from my cause where I most likely had this virus several times.

I’m not mentioning this virus divided into several names, just for simplicity.

So let me explain certain aspects of Corona here in just a table.

1. Corona dies in the body when the temperature hits above 37.6 degrees, but a temperature above nearly 42 would be enough to abolish the virus?. Also, the highest temperature that automatically creates antibodies in your body? The high temperature starts the process of alarm in your body. It is driven by certain algorithms, which means the heat will alarm the body, especially by cold and hot changes. And that initiates the last alarm of total war in the body.

2. Corona immunity is perhaps applicable by just one tiny particle of the virus. But there is an as well distinct possibility that you might die because several viruses have entered your body. And even though the eyes can start an infection. But the lesser the amount, the easier it is to become immune. In the future, we might not be that furious about it and infect people with one particle of any virus. Perhaps we create vaccines before an outbreak with just minimal attention on one vaccine, where one living virus is in the vaccine surrounded by a fluid.

Suppose the virus can’t overgrow in the human body. Perhaps just lesser illness is all you need. And for an extended increase of particles entering the body, there is an exponential increase in getting ill or at least dying. Certain vaccines have been used where the virus is cut in 1/4 of its property but have no ability to multiply. Also, the principle of inbreeding might cause viruses not to multiply.

3. Corona loves alcohol, it might not die at least by 80% of alcohol, but in the meanwhile, most of the alcohol would vaporize and end up with a lesser level than even 30%. Over a certain time, the effect is just wasted.

4. Then the use of soap is the better choice. You might wonder about what the pigs “the red dots” of the Corona have. Perhaps you study the virus? And understand that soap would cover in between the virus, capsule it so much without its possibility to move or clean itself. A derivative soap vaccine would even kill HIV if it were possible to make. And could capsule viruses. But let the rest of our body cells remain intact.

coronavirus picture of corona

But believing that Corona and Alcohol would clean away the soup, making it possible to be again active. Unless there is the most critical hygiene and we could use alcohol as petrol for cars. Do we need alcohol? Well, if we do indeed need it. Perhaps there was no full reason for it. Just a market for it, and yes, people managed it better with the swine flu than this virus maybe that way? More use of soap back then? Nearly zero alcohol.

5. Corona hates heat as well, but will it? If the body temperature gets high enough? It can be an excellent choice to warm up your body in the sauna or perhaps, as I did, to revive me from 8 different versions of Corona that I’ve used this method to lie underneath the duvet. That I’ve was possible to breathe my own breath, and cold air flowed in on each breath under the sheet, since that was the only way to get new Oxygene. That was this which caused an increase in body temperature to above 37.6 degrees just after 15 minutes. The method is to have your duvet sheet above your head and breathing your own breath.

Did you know that there was one Guru who killed them all? Because they suffocated in a big tent? Because it would heal them under a high amount of heat and especially CO “Carbon Monoxide” and zero oxygen, but killing people might be possible even under this process unless enough oxygen arrives. And zero CarbonMonxide hits them. It’s like taking a sauna without high water humidity.

6. Your hygiene is essential but as well as showering and cleaning yourself. It is vital since it makes your body odour less capable of poisoning others; it can be anything from your mouth to your body. It can affect people for up to 4 meters, and it is this odour that might be very dangerous? Most people who are this way are zombies who should take care of themself when a little guidance is better than a complaint. Sometimes a fart can be all that the virus needs to transfer around. And Corona, which could attach to one enzyme? But flora in the room is more essential than anything. People just 1 kilometre away, if it was a city, can be exposed to several of this virus. But several isn’t enough to make people being hospitalized. It would be best if you had at least hundreds to ten thousand of this virus to be able to get SARS which is a lockdown of the lungs, a totality problem where lungs can’t breathe normally.

Did you ever think? This Corona is engineering by Satan? Well, I wrote some stories on my page, talking about the wrath, randomness and the Basic book. The stories telling of secret societies and strange things happening by fact or plausible beliefs told in the state of honisty.

7. When you become advised by others to eat zinc? They are killing you. The same about copper. Do you eat any of them? Since the increase of each reduces either one? Talk to your doctor and have perhaps these values balanced. But if you do not know. There are rules never to do anything, but 99% do not know. It would help if you were 100 times sure what you do, and even the doctor might be wrong. But back in the war in 1940, people often used copper to kill bacteria and viruses in the agricultural fields. Copper and lime together caused fields to relive until they didn’t do that at the near end of the world war.

8. Antiseptics; that are needed to clean your lungs; perhaps they are to heal your thirst. That simple to believe that 90 million respirators Trump made are to waste, time-travel? As I sometimes tell on my site? Well, you can manipulate the respirator for it to produce steam going through it to lit the use of antiseptics which are sold as juice in electronic cigarettes. These and as well light levels of nicotine would become a great way to heal the disease from the lungs.

9. You might start smoking cigarettes or e-juice; you die from the worries rather than by the nicotineβ€”the fact about actually what nicotine does even the belief of the 4HCE proteins mean anything. No, there is zero connection of nicotine to anything. The real reason you should think? It would heal 95% of all who have 1-10% Corona in the lungs that even do not show a positive test. All should try the procedure where you breathe in so deep you can, and you breathe out the fastest as you can. In the meanwhile, when you can, you breathe out the slime in your lungs. Look at it, taste it; if it’s yellow or even tastes C or B vitamins, you are onto something. This slime can be a big virus collection. And they never did a test on these slimes, did they? Now, anything is possible, but the healing by using smoking is merely why some have slime they daily or hourly have to release from their lungs. And having the ability to cough and, more than normal has been told by doctors to not worry about anything these times of the virus.

Though most would believe they learned zero. But still, most don’t know the benefit of smoking. Nicotine is a good thing to prevent Corona. It might happen that you can’t buy it anymore. At least people would stay in line to wait for cigarettes one day. Listen to something that was made in 2019. And the date will only change if it was made with a new version upload. It’s the murder of men, and the medicine will become the poison, and you will have to wait in line for the needles.

10. You might wonder what else does help you against Corona? Well, what you often eat is the leading cause of survival. There isn’t any source on the internet that would say B vitamins are the way to increase a cold. Well, it perhaps is that even cancer likes B Vitamins. And it is especially since the American discovery of t.gondii by one specific scientist. It needs B vitamins to increase its spectrum to repair itself; without B vitamins, most intruders do not even manage to survive in the body. As perhaps t.gondii, it is impossible for it to thrive in the body when levels are deficient since its protective skull does get what it needs to protect itself. And that it needs B vitamins to have a protective sphere around itself against the immune system.

11. Your body should be at least become base or at least not acidic since a level out of range might make the intruders more able to thrive in concentrations that are below average. So drinking orange juice might be the wrong choice for many. And it’s probably this that insanely quench your thirst in the Hospital as often given to patients there. But your body needs levels, but these levels go from 6-8 pH in the body; some levels are killing. The whole study about levels you gotta find on the internet. It’s something between 7.0-7.5. Here I say that higher levels by eating more green vegetables and keeping not to lower the levels in the body will be more base. But at least the levels do tell often about if the person would most likely die because of this when levels are super low acid. Even drinking several beverages reduce the levels. But the body also can have deficient levels in the stomach and super high and low pH in the mouth. So high level of pH in the mouth is not always as well recommended.

12. You might want to see if solutions can even make things more different from utilizing different menthol products to inhale when you have a disease in your lungs. Since that truly is a way to make it lighter to breathe and thus makes people possible to extend their life when they are in bed and choked to not breathe with already an infection in the lungs, but several other infectious diseases already add up when the body starts to fire up in the lungs. So, all in all, you are blessed if you can work away from this problem. And be able to use menthol to inhale in your lungs, especially when you have COPD lung disease.

By simple breathing underneath a washing din, you can increase the steam that comes out of the washing din. Then you can breathe in the vapour by merely having your sheet around your head, at super hot water in the spring or by a cup on board, and there already is another method with a cup on the table and sheet blanket around your head. So maybe solutions as perhaps having tea or other organic solutions as perhaps aloe vera can heal more consistently your lungs; all you need is its steam. And most die because of dry lungs, and the ability to have a bigger infection can also be because of too much humidity hitting your lungs. The course of using steam is different, and you need to have days where you take a rest. Since under a high level of infection, steam can be too powerful and at least make the infection flourish.

featured quote

13. Drink Tonic water with Kinin, which can heal some tropical diseases, which is already best around from anything malaria.

If you would feel that you feel the taste of blood in your throat, well, it would be a sensation? Since the Virus performs Hara-kiri. When you do actually breathe under your duvet, this happens with the one-day steam treatment, but as said, never do it too much if you have an infection. It’s ok the first day or the week after.

14. If you do a test called swab test without touching the tongue, you might reduce positive-false tests; most can certainly know that the test is making some who do not have Corona the ability to test negative more than positive as tests are specific for viruses and as my previous researches on this website do tell that maybe we will find the root cause to Schizophrenia. A virus or bacteria which activates Schizophrenia might hide in a person. And you never know who many with Schizophrenia would test positive on the tongue. So I praise the continual research that might reveal the szhizzocock.

15. There is this news that proceeds that maybe aluminium-nicotine-oxide might be a treatment in the future as well for many illnesses. I’ve described it in another post on this website:

Aluminium – Live your day as it perhaps would be your last

The last maybe to tell is that people die because of vaccines they die because vaccines sometimes are made by resetting the immune system so that it attracts and deactivates the immune system for several times or hours after, if there would be a higher amount of other viruses, now we have 1, the people would have died from it, and that is exactly what vaccines do when people get cold from them, simple bacteria can be threatening for one day. But the vaccine itself is deadly to many things. Since the body is open to any intruder to become tested with, so pregnant people might get just ordinary e.coli which may cause danger to the child as a problematic thing. Since with vaccines, you might be more open to any other virus just because there might be no other way around it to accept the disabled virus as some particle to allow it to be studied. So opening the body for it might become a problem as we accept many times the same. And why was AstraZeneca a killer? Often we have wrong storage routines, which might be a fine case in Norway, where the routines might be less important. And going around with one refrigerator isn’t an easy task when you want to vaccinate a hundred thousand in a day.

Some vaccines can even turn off all other substances detected earlier as false, and that is worrying when you can get all sorts of scenarios where people die of ordinary sickness. Most vaccines would be allowed without full trials, and they did. How would then that become? When Bill Gates had the patent already back in February. They wait to release something that might and might not work as properly as it should. New ideas on the internet circulate about if the patents on Corona were so they were, then follow the money. A good rule for all things in the world.

People were frightened, and the league of people would not even accept it as a vaccine. There are too many wolves who were screaming about it causing infertility. Well, if it’s true that Bill Gates makes the vaccine. I have written on this site about PEX, a system that is behind the system. And most don’t know it, even the government, but everything is free for taking by the system. People were forced to sell something worth more than just a little. You can believe and start to believe one-day mining Bitcoin, you find the connection to artificial intelligence, and by mining Ethereum with a graphic card, the AI knows how to react in reality. But most wouldn’t take it, but if they want to travel, they do and pollute the environment; Karma has no menu you get what you deserve. But what we all lack is the test if you already had antibodies to this virus. Make the test and decide if you still want the vaccine. Why take it when you don’t need it? It’s your life, and who wants to push it on you when you don’t need it. Still, we need people who didn’t take the vaccine. Since they might represent the people who still will proceed with immunity and would be the last of those who ever were surviving on this planet, you never know who many means balls would be put on grilling. And I would rather set a one-celled virus with fluid into my body than a vaccine probably with evil desires. Trust nobody, so thou can’t betray ye.

So this was fifteen right cool things. # AI computers would try to warn people about this discovery because I was willing. I wrote the whole tutorial intact. And in such, the Goddess was my guidance.

I did take a chance on this paper, so I didn’t want days to pass to be able to provide you with this guide. It had to be now today.

In the End, we only regret the chances we didn't take.
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Coronavirus for Dummies

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