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Disclaimer: The artist of this document does not apprehend the use of characters. It’s solely written with a difference from real beliefs and may not contain appropriate sources, as well as it may be inconsistent work of just imagination and fantasy.

Lowered IQ

The world, laughter, and joy eventually became a day, month, and year. But undetermined by the fractals of what the microorganism that is maintained by dietary of even more dramatic overwork of a drug specially designed to co-operate with the deep understandable non-understandable microorganism that mainly drives peoples IQ level dramatically down or heighten it high, even not possible to reassure themself to their own control.

This lobotomy is entirely unexplained, and using two near-identical anti-psychotics might unbalance the systematic control of the microorganism. The actuality of this would be that certain people have also initiated a body DNA change, which makes them distinct.

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We would believe this as there were movies of this kind of procedure towards humankind, where the affliction towards us has been brutal or at least strange.

The belief that people have been certainly either heroic or at least instructed to such hideous ways to interact with the military or other bases of humankind where the need of the future where people often tend to be more than just usual non-typical. Some, as described in this book just basic essentials:

Book – BASIC

Mark of the Beast

Those who already seek treatment are fraudulently believing that having a psychiatric disease will probably be only attained for therapy because they have been marked with the beast’s mark. It isn’t visible to anyone, but those with this mark are strictly left to detain from property or valuables.

These people are gone for unattended society treatment of, in fact, the worse like somehow few are mentally unprepared for even the wrath of being seduced to alcoholism or any other substance.

The power to even consequently drive them into attorney of the wrong side-winded act to maintain the problem as unsolved, with backtracking beliefs of under-beliefs.

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Master of The Puppets

As we advance to the under-treatment and unsolicited problems that appear in the psychiatric unholysistic system, these are, in fact, already caused by a program to undermine the work with different introspective consequences, just the first books ever written to attend the question on nearly anything going on.

How someone should solve the treatments and the problems to this day are consequently already marked and used to today’s treatments.

Someone wrote most of these books around a mega distribution with quadruple of all no needs of explanation, people possessed by the evil wrath that has attained their minds.

While judging most psychiatric books from the mid and pre-century, they already lay on the same schematic beliefs. Nothing is undone, and nothing is well done.

Most of these books were quite an exemplar in their fantasy beliefs to treat people. Precisely under-coursed by differential co-existence with Master of The Puppets, the actual game player, and actual trip-tonic cryptic quite logistic learning of mastering the wrath of the powers of the universe.

Where wrath would attain a lousy belief of others that genuinely were left to themself, as it were no cure to the problems, books which indeed were made under such means to under-worry people and the systems around them, to a certain level, be brutal that good help wasn’t possible to fulfill, as if it was the blast of the demonizing affliction.

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Difference Between Right or Wrong

The actual consistency of the creation of the Master of The Puppets came from the beginning of the earth to the exact position of our time. Time began for Human people at the age of 2000 before Christ. Nearly 4000 years ago.

As God made it clear, he summoned the people who at least did not speak, did not hear, did not know, mainly did anything extraordinary but were in the collection of around a quite near of thousand in nectar, thousand in a sack.

In the middle of the desert in the Sahara, God created them from sand, and from the sand they were. At that time, some made people. At that time, God put words in their mouth; at that time, they knew different languages that God put in their mind.

At that time, people started to talk to each other; they couldn’t understand each other, tho they were naked, screaming, and being pragmatic about their existence. Some began to speak, and some knew what some said, so they formed the paths of their language and built alliances; this way, they traveled to different parts of the world.

They were all white, near albino of the whitest of what humans can be, most white purified by the knowledge to do good and do right. During our time as Father, they told them they could not do right because they could not know how to do right.

As we know from the Bible, Father forgives them because they do not see the difference between right and wrong. So human people with low education and knowledge often do not know what is wrong. Sometimes they know, but most times, they do not see what’s wrong, and we should forgive them who make a mistake just once.

quote about gems that can be perfected
some cant perfect gems without friction nor can people without trials Anne Maria Yritys


The people went across the whole of Africa to Asia to Europe, but as Mormons know, they know that the traveled was to America at the age 600 years before Christ.

So people already made their path out of Egypt, the only solitary province where people could steal a mighty ship built by a million-man powers menace, filled with tens of holy water and food, possible for a crew of criminals to steal their way away to the land of America.

Land of America – The Devastator

From then, at that time, people had already settled around Europe, the Middle East, and many other parts of the world except the land of America.

These people, namely around 100 different races of human existence driven out of their land with great power cause of their language problems, were already marked with the mark of the beast, namely, cause of the future.

The time of times when people considerately came from the other bubble of existence, the parallel universe of time when human people were not in their existence.

Some of the people who already came across the dogs of perishing with their mighty sabers of destruction that solely were from the future of the demonic persuasion, of a devastator who sent his army of the now not exist-ant future, from which it never will happen cause of those who some sent to this time around the time of Cleopatra.

Before times, Cleopatra lived the time as Jesus did, and so did the Roman Emperor Caesar. From where mighty ships were hidden underneath the power structures to our time, today already in America at Area 51.

These ships were quite diminished into the actual consistency of being destroyed by saboteurs. But again, these ships had an existing system to go through space in time to another future or Past. Simply because of failure to research the over-light system from which their research ended in a time-traveling system.

featured image quote

Computer System 16GB – Unicode

The existing system used in these ships is today’s reversed technique. The first PCs are more powerful than today’s computers regarding the basic near analog processing with hidden telemetry in the Secret Society’s circuit boards.

This system would nearly process all Bitcoin Blocks in just one day. Since the only thing that stands its way to use is the processable HEX system, there is absolute consistency of nearly ten systems that are just behind each system.

Closely to what it is, there are systems based on Unicode, which is the nano code of each particle of the letter of each Unicode. A fragment of a number or a letter can contain more than a Terra byte in information

if it’s already compressed through different measures for those who don’t know. Today’s computers cannot apprehend the system but are used in various solutions.

Most computers from around when Windows 7 came out have been possessed with unknown techniques. But for a different HEX or DEX or PEX system, it’s impossible even to see the source of the system, as it is in most new days Linux, you will not know the source even if it tells otherwise.

The computers from Windows 7 have a unique DVD drive, which copies all your 250Gb of information from your system to this drive to DVD in just a few minutes. But that is only possible with Shadow Copy installed in a challenging and explicit way to install Windows 7.

But some can do it by sending out one circuit in the battery and starting your computer using FN + ESC until the disk is nearly initiated. When loading the installation DVD with Windows, most computers will install a system where it says copying data files to disk. Not in all installations, as it says packing up files.

Acer makes the computers someone started on this system. Since the circuits in the battery are easy to bend. This Shadow Copy will begin when you write security information about hardware or software changes.

Besides, it will go blue screen when the Shadow Copy is initiated, and it will turn off when it has completed the transfer to the DVD.

The other thing is that you can start the recovery option with this system in upstart on your computer from bios. The actual thing that happens when your try to scramble system restore from a server is the address to this server is //server.

You will connect to different servers from where you can clock in a password, even when the network card is pulled out of the computer. That you do in the installation of Windows 7.

All computers are connected by the 1ms response time. And that’s freaking possible to understand if you use video with the newest video viewer on Windows 10. You go 1 part from the other part. And understand the system is driven under a 1ms system.

ISO files

When you want to download an ISO file of a system from the internet, it isn’t easy to go by and download it easy, since an ISO that is available on the internet that has true hacking techniques, such as of course FreeBSD 4.11 or any other software, these files will be replaced by the Terra byte drive on your computer that downloads files using a system where data is transferred through background intelligence system.

Since the laptop replaces these files, you might hear optical drives on some computers. A well-known file to the system does not replace the original. Some files hang up on transfer in some applications until there are finally transferred from the secret disc. However, this is by FreeBSD to remove the DiscSecure of a drive, which is installed in many different ways, a rootkit on the drive.

feaured quote

Copy & Paste

To make your own Linux in the way it only is yours, you have to print out all the sources and go through them, understanding any cent of any code. Then also write on your computer all the sources into the computer. Then you also have to create a firewall and use an image of another system to maintain it in your system, even to have an impossible breakthrough system.

Elsewhere anywhere, Secret Society can get into anything just because of the DEX system in each number and letter. So copy and paste does not work in this Millenium; if you are not aware that it’s ok with this type of system, which indeed is hacked a clock around.

DiscSecure II – Flambate

But you should also know that a hard drive isn’t a hard drive since it uses a Discsecure II system on anything because each drive has very much hidden space. It can even become a giant Google server.

The mainframe to this is the actual processing to make the terminator brain and function possible, as is the need of using computers and graphics hardware to process any information for terminators to be able to comprehend the actual reality of existence in this world and to react to any position, and even be used to manipulate other races in the outer world to destroy them one by one demonically.

At this moment, there are many trying to make space ships of the copies of Egyptian times. They also have the technique to “Flambate” a person to repair it’s kind to be new as anything if still not perished in a fire or explosion. “Flambation” is the technique to repair human skin, it’s just a unique technique allowed to be used solicit by the military, and few know of this technology as it might be Alien Technology.

featured quote

Moses with Two Stones – Jesus Eternal Prison

But the problems weren’t the same or less; it all was at the time of Moses, the time of Jesus. Moses went up on the hill with two stones at that time, the one we already mostly know.

Still, the second was written, it was the ten other or new commandments, these commandments contain the property of even homosexualism and dualism of marriage, even more problems for those who made that path of being what seamed different, or richly and progressively administrating the society under a great siege.

Since the people didn’t like these commandments, they destroyed one of the stone tables. So the future couldn’t know it. For that, Moses was probably hanged on the Cross, and someone put Jesus in an Eternal prison.

Since the blood of Jesus could make anyone live eternally as he also lived eternally and could not resurrect if someone did not kill him, the Secret Society would also prevail if they drank the blood of Jesus each Sunday. But at that time, there was also one who got his powers under consistency since around a well, and there was a witch that got the drink to become eternally in existence.

And the other one got a drink to not thirst at any time; the witch gave that drink to Jesus never to thirst if were to swallow it. He was only given some food since Jesus never could starve if he were given something that reduced the need to eat, so he became Jabba from Star Wars, prolonged that this is the consistency of the old testament writings.

And in another way, he has suffered all for us, to our time as it’s said for all our sins. But it is always to be co-existent with this that he has powers and can transfer to anyone in this world. It can be his force at speaking, as that force is called Holy Ghost. It can drive anything in this world to even set a fart out in all rooms simultaneously.

featured quote

Chaos Master

The Master of The Puppets or the Witch probably got the eternal living gift from Jesus, as someone would give the other one never to thirst. Job in the Bible tells such a story.

They were able to be the Chaos Master or Evil Wizard of that kind; even a woman might have been the actual figure, but to play a trick on the Secret Society. The reason for that is simple.

What have we now and what did we get, and what happened. Still, anything around us I God’s creation with his powers. All infrastructure in the world is a populous plan, a master’s engineering.

But besides, the Master was an illusionist, a creator of all paintings in the world, being all these artists from all consistence, just because of that, all other paintings are diminished and stored away.

Just because Picasso and Michelangelo to the most known painters, these painters underdo a plausible existence of being the Master, cause of collision with his own dungeon, filled up with other artists who tried their way of being known as painters.

Still, most of the best are hidden away, as pope Jean-Paul II told in his book Drama of Dramatizes.

A book that isn’t easy to get, probably impossible to find the cause of his revelation of the Master.

For most of his time still evaluated his beliefs to not give a dime to any beggar that he saw during his travel to and forth an introductory meeting with Secret Society in the middle land of Poland. The land of suffering and enjoyment.

Taking Their Own

The dramatic question still exists, was the Master a distant man, a man of solitude, a man who became known as otherwise Hitler, Saddam Hussain, Genghis Khan, Buddha, and, as we all know, an illusionist that did serpent trick on the Secret Society that was in more than ten times powerful act against his kind.

Since he couldn’t start an endless fight against Jet Li, he fought against clones of his own with powers that occupy even toughest in films like Matrix.

He must have done it supposedly right, to trick them at specific points, at certain triggers, and flawlessly lure them out to commit their own life away or destroy their own possession of different substances used to maintain their heroic position or mind.

From where their life succumbed away in wrath just of a single fault. The curiosity to test or check the things that someone couldn’t probably test.

featured quote

Domination – AstonishmentΒ 

But the Master, or perhaps Jesus himself, in anger at his father the God, was born at the time of Jesus; the Master got the vial of eternal life and knew the technology of the Serpent Egyptian dogs of Secret Society.

After several deaths from what he meant, this technology he stole was painful after severe torture and death, from where he was born again was just a single face shifting unit.

From that, he made his face look what he made it to become, so he could trick the Secret Society even further, destroy their territorial progression and advance to be a Hero of the world who no one knows even furthermore or less.

Unique Quote about how to live life

For God, he has made an astonishment, for that he will be rewarded. But a failure to see the existence of the Master, we couldn’t know it furthermore or less that he is currently an evil existence.

Still, a belief in good is always a possession of humankind. Hence, the mindful problem is the concerning adaption to believe that someone meant Hitler to exist as a humble person who insistently tried to avoid the Secret Society’s plan of World Domination In a probable World Order where Police govern each person. Where a thought as in a book of Kallocain where people cannot hide even an idea away from a prosecutor.


Buddha – 1914

Some people have not even heard the reason for the first world war. But there was one influential person who existed at that time. Even for people who knew most, someone marked most people with the beast’s mark, so they couldn’t write a book about it or even got killed for telling further about this.

The person of that existence would be said to occur in the east of the world. Most wouldn’t even know the latitude of who he was since most were slaughtered with abuse or diminished into ashes.

Quote on thre things that matter

That person who got killed also was in parallel with other people that got assassinated. But a belief of what is true, nevertheless a powerful Shaolin Monk or figure as influential as Buddha.

It may be co-versed that it might have been one powerful as Buddha or Buddha himself. That might have caused the first world war. But all we knew was something different than all, some who keep this knowledge has it in their heart.

Quote about life and property widescreen
No poison can kill a positive thinker and no medicine can save a negative thinker


At the time of Stalin, the people of Russia were not listed to be killed, but people who worked against the government and were marked as the Secret Society were thrown away to Sibir.

So Stalin didn’t kill anyone; he sent them to Sibir. Even with good clothes to work for the government by making something that today is still unknown.

The actual cause was that Stalin did not kill a single person. They just deported them to other places to avoid problems. The death count is the bad cold situation living in Sibir.

But there were sometimes travelers in between, the people who were caught doing wrong acts of trying to change the Past. But too many came along, and someone set the Past.

some people don't want solution


But then after to the end of understanding. At the proper visual belief of what we know. We do make so much garbage of anything we eat. We wrap everything in plastic; that is the Secret Society’s meaning and productive problem since they don’t believe they will stay here anymore.

Their act to this world is relatively unnecessary because Battleship’s research and production have gone to an immediate solution.

The future will be somehow a dessert if the secrets society’s wrath plan to process this planet as huge garbage isn’t entirely unknown.

But what does it matter for them? Yeah, fast production and mining of the minerals they already need. To produce what seems to be a plan for another space.

Unique Quote about how to live life better way


But things don’t worry, but the Aluminum we produce it’s a health care metal against cancer. All you get by processing it in your body is just an elder disease like Alzheimer’s? No the actual science on that was so fake to hide the truth.

But did anyone want to make it a medicine as perhaps Aluminium and Nicotine together would be our world’s best medicine today?

And they tried to diminish the tobacco, they tried hard in EU to remove the tobacco from the sale, and one day they could so someone wouldn’t even know this actual science…

Aluminium – Live your day as it perhaps would be your last

Future Bubble

But again, in the bubble of the future, from where the Secret Society is from, someone did not give their time a sentence, but the time was in no existence just after the wormhole to our time with the time machine.

All life in the other parallel universe or bubble had a big bang at that moment.

But on the second hand. This time is the time of all times. Still, in the future, in this Century, a time travel to the Past will undergo as they are needed to apprehend the Secret Society in the way that these days still exist as these days, where there will be peace and laughter, even all wars will stop, we will be as brothers.

This dream is the real future, with the help of the time travelers from what Secret Society isn’t. Because of that, the time is now, the real-time, the time that was was already as it was. But there are only two times this time, and it’s the future time travelers that will probably break through Secret Society research on the new time machine.

Quote Do not pray for an easy life pray for the strength to endure a difficult one

They have to steal it!. But the time of the Secret Society that was too Utopian for them, a time where life was cherished where all the stone tables of all Commandments were intact, that time was too good for them.

They might also be called off this time Jehovah Witnesses since a witness can only be a witness if he exists in this time of ours if he saw Jesus. Somehow, some of them at this time were illegal passengers of the mighty ships that came out of the middle of the nowhere land. The land of never-land, to this time.

Secret Agents

The Secret Society assigns their own agents, from how they have opened an account with the relatively high payment. Due to regulations, they are assigned a withdrawal limit and have acquired a high-interest level on this money.

Since the interest level makes the agents with continuing deposits on achieved missions, the interest level is assigned for more significant payment as they retire.

As soon as they have retired, an excluding and execution is made on them in the land where the money is deposited. As a consequence, they don’t know anything about other agents. In this sequence, they are also subdued by some narcotics.

The only healing mechanism for this is unique but possible. The plants that we have around us are some healing probability, the plant of Cannabis is some evolving way to extend the origin, it might have been processed through different paths of alien research, but isn’t the way to anyhow heal the mind, most often agents disallow themself for the purpose to achieve a high with that substance.

quote on God and what he might do if you don't do

But plants that have a bitter taste, which Hegel has described in his books, can somehow achieve a relief to the brain of the deposited amount of procurer drugs. Still, Hegel only describes the spiritual employment of bitter taste plants.

At some moments, people are at no real brain function; it’s more likely a demonic possession, with very absurd emotion and empathy for surrounding people. But at that moment, these people have no functionality to have a good memory.

Since most of this science has been discovered through time around Hitler and in different parts of the world on volunteer psychiatric patients, the drugs were consistently undergoing other research processes.

quote do what is right not what is easy

Mainly most of the medicines we have today were already researched in the mid-’70s to their effects but were very closely researched by the Secret Society. To forbid medicine that would treat a problem but would instead treat with long progression or half healing, to the extent of profit.

So we would need new research on any particle to proceed with the understanding of what was wrong. Even some counter-reaction with drugs is so solipsistic wrong that you never knew how that was indeed possible.

If you read a book somehow, it’s probably written to the extent of only you; if you see a movie or film, it’s made to enlighten you. If you see a picture, it has different structural behavior for your knowledge, and if you see anything around you, it’s in the belief somehow God made it for you or your friends. Somehow, you see the light where darkness is.

Quote on thre things that matter

By Dealazer

The greatest movement will be done by vocalization of the great knowledge one can get. Musical interest in unknown artists is so low that most fail being them.

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