Listen, I have a story to tell. It’s not little; it’s a tall tale.

In 2015 I attended the use of a mixing DJ website where I could upload my remix. Indeed it all was about Bohemian Rhapsody.
The fun about it is that the owners of the site remix it or mixit don’t fully remember what site name, might have sold the product to the record company who paid an outstanding sum to have hackers replacing files globally.
You see, my version was 5:52. The original is somewhere between 6:02-6:10. But the version everywhere sounds terrible compared to the correct version. I don’t know if you get it on casettes. Some people didn’t even want to send me that version of casette with Bohemian Rhapsody. You might find someone?

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Of course, there are glitches in that version. And a cutting in the beginning. Also, some parts of the song stay different, and things aren’t the way they supposedly should be. You know I’m an adept musician by the name Dealazer. You might have heard of mp3, which removes a particular upper Hz frequency. And the .wav file I represented by making mp3 into the version I’ve made made the website owners believe the track was superior. Some could acknowledge it was originating from the master recording.

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I’ve for long believed the song was 11:02 long once to not mess up with too much. But my final verdict is the 6:02 long song which became in my possession 5:52 enough for radio play. And that was the plan.
Surely many know the difference in quality. But for most, it’s like things have been too much altered. Problem nr.1 with that shitty steal track is that Freddy sings in such a way it’s not harmonic. It’s because of the plugin madshifta I put on track for 10%. Indeed they must have been idiots in the first place to look for pretty money and leaving me without anything.
Past last week, I’ve made the 3:31 version under the name “Dealazer Bohemian Short Version” on youtube.

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You can hear the stereo effects 100% correct and even more than the 5:52. You can even hear the stereo result of Magnifica. And I have a plan to release the 6:02 version one day.
Mastering only pitched the song in the 6:02 version, which just kept harmonic and vocal pitch correctly.

Indeed the track represents my life. Even how much I would want to tell about that will be known when this little story gets out and is acknowledged. So see that the track had nine different cuts of some who were faulty. Some were not correct. And the pitching of the tune was superior, which made things pretty messed up.

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But in total, it sounded far better than the original. Not the 5:52 version. And 6:02 remains different quality, not good as it was time-shifted and edited into one version without enchantment effects. Disclaimer: some things might not be 99% true. I don’t have all the fundamental things about this, so ask the record company. I’ve even didn’t send them an email yet. I’ve been using this pseudonym called” Franko Mysteri” by the production in 2015-2016. And yeah, while hysteria is correct, Mysteri might as well be.

In other ways, the changed version had cleaned the track name with soundFX PitchDwon and SpeedUp. That’s the track I’ve uploaded to that site. The picture shows wrong dates as these were from salvage from a drive. But some are dated right to 2015.

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When it comes to the better, that indeed things are as they are, you might see the digital code in the mp3 to newest releases of the track in such way if you know the spectrum of the song, you will see a digital code. The same goes for nearly 99% of all tracks of the music. And hackers, even Linux to Windows, have the ability to alter files on anyone’s computer unless you disable 2/3 of the systems on your computer and have a firewall watch and secured enough from trespassing. Then files on your computer can’t change out.
To magnify the understanding of this. I also uploaded two different songs on that site that also were replaced. These songs have the name Beach Boys – Barbara Ann, which became bomb bomb Iran.

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The second song was the insane replacement of Pink Floyd – Money for some songs on youtube with the same consistency and the cut-off length as well, even using the wrong Pink Floyd song where the song had a cover artist, not Pink Floyd singer. Who would believe in this crazy story? I’m not even trolling; even it might sound that way. But see, even Hey Joe by Jimmy Hendrix became with clean guitar by the remix I did to that one. So to end, I still believe Bohemian Rhapsody was 11:02 I had the project which chopped it down to 6:02. Then, a year later, the 5:52 version was uploadedβ€”the light on where the 11-minute extended version is, I don’t know.

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Someone deleted my files of the project 11 minutes to 6:02 from my computer in 2019. Even no one person had access to the data.
So anyway, many things make this little of a crazy story, which would become interestingly accurate some evidence. I’m making this post to this group. But I believe it will be just hammered and gone forever since this will be posted as an article on my website tomorrow.
Until then, this remains a somehow mystery but without the hard facts. This will prove everything. It just takes more of my time to work on it. The wheel has not been invented when it hasn’t been worked on.

To say this is something that some will work hard to hide. But it’s visible to few. As I said earlier, the 3:31 version was too fast and is not good to listen to as it is too fast, and the vibrations of Freddy’s voice are too unnaturally fast. Making 11 minutes long version without the old project is nearly impossible, as you might know if that was a version. If you still have the cassette. The time of play to the song on the cassettes has even been removed on all google picture searches. Someone saw this as a good income and reason with anyone who might silence this and everything.
It’s a crazy world we live in, and income is easy if you know how to scam people.

So to the near end. Sorry for the confusion, and after all, I’m the only one who can rechange this, and I will have to reason with the scammers.
Yeah, and the video has been edited? Just put on an AI manipulation test of the concert? It has been altered to 5:52 from 6:02. Even from 6:02, if there was an 11-minute extended version, then the time is right.

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What else? Galileo was the persona who lived from the year 0 to our time, it’s the devil, and the music meant this parody part of the song to scare the living shit out of him “or Trump?” It will make the last heart attack of Satan or him when all play the 3:31 version on a 4-minute max radio play for those who like the short version.

The only thing that makes the song too short is the vibration of Freddy’s voice.
The whole thing is unbearable, to hold the knows of have become framed. But the owners have been tricked around, and those who tried to earn easy money made a big mistake believing that the version was superior when it was just a few weeks’ works on remastering the track. Secondly, the whole track was horrible when I saw the mistakes of my new profession in 2015 as a super remastering engineer with master skills at that time. In five years, I’ve learned 1000* more.

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The process of mastering remastering is to do the procedure to reprocess the track by altering waves and removing unwanted sound levels, even enhancing the track so much that even the brightest person would say unique change. And I’m the only person who could do these changes in this world and no one else, especially when it comes to fixing all frequencies of bass levels.

Yeah, and you hear the problem with the wind, the cymbals that are like if someone altered the sound of lightning into an instrument sounding far different, making the track β€”strange super effect. By which you can not hear in the 5:52 version that is everywhere released. The short version has the sound more precisely. It also has a watermark, and I tend to do that to my newer releases of music. You can hear more polite sounds, which back time the days were hard to perfect, and nearly all tracks from back then when syllables like f c make horrible levels to these letters. So to this, you can ask me questions as far now I believe it will spark a revolution?

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Story about Bohemian Rhapsody – The Big Steal

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