I remember having low D-Vitamin levels, and my life was terrible. My whole life stank, until my step to eating a Banana peel just for the test I escaped the deep dungeon of real life.

But then I discovered eating Banana Peels with great discovery!

It was an adventure from the beginning to the end.

Did you know that eating one Banana Peel you can increase body temperature? Or even shower with super hot water? Maybe in the future, there would be a possibility to cheat like doping in any sauna contest as of this. But yeah, it’s a unique showering experience. And I’ve tried it several times. Do, as you must to reduce your increased body heat by lowering the water temperature. For some reason, it can be dangerous. If you are not following the reduction of heat in your body when possibly the Banana peel substances wear off.

D-Vitamins as pills is terrible for your health. It’s not because it’s a pill, but it’s a product of different proportions as of using fat cholesterol from sheepskin to produce the D-Vitamins. Therefore the increase of cholesterol and triglycerides can occur in the use of these vitamins. Therefore it’s not right. But the second bad thing is that you don’t gain a higher level of D-Vitamins by using a synthetic type. And these pills often cost horrendous amount of money like diamonds towards non-synthetic but synthetic has its price by gold in per terms of how much these pills are made in microdoses.

Did you know there is a quality difference from pill producers? Yeah, cheap D-Vitamins don’t work the way you thought. It can be poison as well for small children. And the leading cause of having near-death experience for little kids is a higher amount of D-Vitamin use in their diet and normally children do get more sun than their parents. And normally they would get their high level of D-Vitamins because of sunlight.

And especially when your blood levels don’t rise with eating the manufactured pills!

So why eat Banana Peels? Well, it contains a higher amount of D-Vitamins, especially being in the sun. And why eat like a monkey? When if you told the monkey what’s so special about the Banana, it would eat the whole banana. Not just by the simple thing to eat what we were told.

There’s plenty of practices and or fly eggs in the tip of the banana, and what I’m going to do? Is to learn you the right way to peel the Banana. Just take the banana in the hand and bite or remove the tip of the banana and that’s around 2cm. Then open the banana smoothly from the right path. Most recommend from the bottom but that again is their recommendation. My recommendation is unique. And still, it’s not that hype yet.

If you ever were to grow a banana in a dark place, these bananas would become black from start to end. But they also would be poisonous for people in the north. Especially when the fat of cholesterol is changed into D-Vitamins like the same with perhaps dark Champignon mushrooms.

But that’s not all, all those who were impaired with restless leg syndrome. They would call this miracle, yeah, it has something to be with the increased levels of magnesium. And you’ve already learned about synthetics, even if it’s a pure substance, the uptake in the body is different. Would have been even better if you dissolved the magnesium tablets into the water first. And did drink it over a longer period of time. But that’s not all. Since the uptake, I’d different from the food you eat. So eat a Bana Peel in 2021. And get great achievements coming in.

And yeah, there might be a catch? That the Corona these times would be dead with body temperature higher than 42 degrees. There will be enough insane people testing with Banana peels to achieve even 50 degrees without any problem I believe. But bare me on this, I couldn’t stop people from doing that. I warn people to not overcook or at least reduce their heat from 42 degrees down to even 36 before really considering going to sleep.

And Serotonine is part of the plan as well, it’s the more important part of feeling happy and as well healed by getting easy to sleep. If you have restlessness it is a part taker of that as well, so do like me and eat banana peels and throw the thing most Apes would eat. And did you know? One day Apes will eat only the banana skin just to fool around. That they actually know a whole lot than any other person on the planet. At least they would if they read this text. And we are somehow just as to them still…

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