Mental Mental – Music That Touched The Mental Illness

When someone is mental, there indeed are those who keep them away in dungeons and castles. These people often knew how it was in a place. But indeed, it was not the ill who was ill, those who used their time to earn money on the grind, where patients just became what they tried them to become.

But that’s life, and some know-how things end badly for those who did terribly. Karma has no menu, and you are served what you deserve.
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Over the long cause, Dealazer has been mentored by Psychiatry, as well as mentored by the system by even God. It’s not always beautiful to know that Psychiatry isn’t that good beauty. I’ve been there done that. Indeed my made music about it:

Not longer than that, there are few other Psychiatric kinds of music that Dealazer made. But that’s not a few of them if you want to count: Here is mental-mental:

When you draw an illusional knife, you don’t know who you fight against. Indeed there is just one another catch to listen to even different excellent track by Dealazer; this one for sure brings certainly more cool feel on the Psychiatry:

And you wouldn’t want to be more likely crazy all about it. But indeed, there’s one of these last tracks you would wish to listen on:

Psychopathic Psychiatry went gold in Norway. And that’s not a depression. And the beats are truly wide. And yeah, make a move to the music. Thanks for listening!

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- The greatest movement will be done by vocalization of the great knowledge one can get. Musical interest in unknown artists is so low that most fail being them.