Disclaimer: This is just a wholely hypothetical talk about the sewer ant parasite. What you understand does not mean it’s true.

Sewer Ant Joga

As we might come to conclusions there still remains unsolved mysteries with the unbalance in the brain system. What causes these unbalances mainly described as ADHD, Schizophrenia, Bipolar and Parkinsonism to Parkinson might turn the page in psychiatry to the discovery of the parasite that is the main cause for these diagnoses which might be deflected by a self-test of 5 seconds, where you actually try to focus like yoga, but remain silent even with no movement at all even feeling movement of unbalance in arms or legs or even feeling unbalance which resets the timer to 0, so if you try to focus yoga it’s practically impossible to feel total silence for more than 1-2 seconds of what we are able to count, in the treated version of this disorder it can arise to more than 5-10 minutes, with total silence in body and mind. Even standing on one leg seems difficult enough and you seem to be in unbalanced after just minute, practising yoga on one leg seems possible after total treatment of the parasite. And you would be able to stand on one leg from the first test in hours.

guy in the bottom of a sewer

The guy lying in the sewer Bratislava Slovakia


Prior to the Parasite, this might also be just simple bacteria, but we are talking about some other more distinctly special type of intelligent lifeform. Which can somehow extract information and to live in the industrialized countries. Perhaps its hunger to meth-amphetamine is very high. This parasite as we might call it Zendikumius has in hypothetic statement enough capability to rotate the serotonin, adrenaline and dopamine system to its own benefit to work as a stimulative parasite in many ways undescribed, it makes you ill when it wants you to be ill? A state of Zendik is what I’ve been called for long a state where you are not affected by anything than just what you ate last day, not by a certain disability of how to move or talk.


Hypothetically it actually does emit toxins that change the most parts of the brain. The toxins give a false signal to the brain that something is unstable for the brain to malfunction., it’s just a trick the parasite is creating in order for the brain to change system tricked enough to believe there is something wrong to just change the transmission between the receptors in a way the brain doesn’t even understand that the system is in malfunction. In other ways, the trick is mainly focused on to create as many minerals as possible but still be able to live in a probably normal way. So actually the brain is overloaded to produce minerals for it to even not use them, just for production and later the transport to the hypothetic queen which is totally dependant on the minerals to breed itself. As actually even more hypothetically approximately 1-100 exemplarities of this parasite might be able to work against the brain system. You probably would be able to tell that the parasite is in the brain, but this is only hypothetic, it can actually be able to exist in the mouth while emitting toxins through that part of the system or just to exist there enough to be able to go into other systems of the human body.

That’s where it comes to the sewer system if the ants live there? They would get any new supplies from others and then the Queen in the sewer which is up to several inches big to even a meter? The idea about sewer ant queen would be enough touching the belief of people, that people are being fed to actively create the needed food for the Queen.

Alien Parasite

So there are 5 systems in the body the ants might be able to work in. Brain, Blood, Mouth, Stomach and the Digest system. Even being in all 5 systems as a parasite it might give the parasites the chance for total command and even survival possibilities, in ways of the extraordinary way to be able to be working in a way to not even be able to be discovered even by me. But while some drugs actually kill the parasite in some systems, the parasite would survive in some systems if they are many and remain active, but when it’s killed it has no possibility of to even come back until some new exemplarities enter the body. This is just a survival instinct to the parasite. And while there are rare amount of exemplarities it has the chance for even further survival if this system would be so rock solid to even trick the humanity in this century. It is possible that this parasite is dependent on humans to survive as we actually are capable of giving the parasite the dependant amounts of dopamine, serotonin, adrenaline, noradrenaline and histamine minerals for it to be able to breed itself on ways unknown. Thus the example that this is the Alien of our time, for a long-living since all centuries. Making people at long either wrongly sex addictive or any other addiction that comes in hand about this.


When this whole was written with this new rewriting there was no science on Andrenochrome which in fact might be the most important spectrum of needed supplies to the military if the parasite might be in the brain for how long will it be able to deliver the most important Elite drug? At least military inventions were new in the middle of the last century. But again this isn’t the first time things were made up to make a solution of supplies. You can even believe this much since the difference between a militarized world and a world where everyone is treated. Most often people do not want a solution to psychiatric illness they go along with those problems, they don’t want a solution, and the parasite might just be able to succumb them to think otherwise bad.

Therefore it’s actually the really rare amount of them in the body of the infected, and the spreading of the parasite is enough around ways it actually is intelligent enough to be around spreading possibilities as it actually can think enough to work in the sewer for it to survive as ants would do normally.

All Same

The system might work in a way to emit out adrenaline, serotonin, dopamine, histamine and noradrenaline in the poo of the infected as much as possible, as there is a big system in the sewer that actually would be beneficial for the parasite to exist in it. It would actually be possible to collect the materials in a sewer for the materials to be transported to the queen, in places even not discovered, so most industrial societies have after these years been able to create logical diagnosis on Shizofrenia on many peoples but everyone would be able to be schizophrenic without disorders. But in the length, it’s just that schizophrenia is just a way to practice what the human brain is when it’s in unbalancing specifically on the way dopamine and serotonin system is malfunctioning. Actually everyone is schizophrenic in the way they use the mind to think. We all are the same in the mind, but we actually all are schizophrenic even not being able to follow up on unbalance, some people might give positive symptoms to schizophrenia as it is a diagnosis, but an imbalance in the brain causes schizophrenia to be logic as a diagnosis, so you would get treatment against the imbalance. A person that is treated with many medications wouldn’t be able to emit diagnosis around themselves, how hard the diagnosis is able to be stated on a person different from most diagnosis, all imbalance is able to be diagnosed and given a prescription for themselves to function mid-optimally. But you would never be totally optimal in function until you actually are medicated like Hitler was, with his amount of 74 medications simultaneously.

some people don't want solution

Some People don’t want solutions to problems, they want the attention that goes along with those problems.

How We Are

What causes unlogic is the way parkinsonism can be treated, as the dopamine system is in imbalance some drugs might cause the dopamine system to function optimally so it’s possible that the brain would function optimally after stimulation that tricks the brain back to normality. It’s an imbalance caused in a way it’s actually not damage, the damage would give symptoms to damage, but the brain is able to actually change the pattern to work perfectly even with some parts gone because it’s using the best parts as function. People with brain bleeding have the same symptoms mostly, and the damage is inflicted different from people to people, even people with big holes through the head are able to communicate normally. The system of the brain can change for what is the task for each group of the brain, and normally some parts of the brain are better experts on some tasks so this is how the brain arranges the way the process of the tasks.

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