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Writings about the Queen is just a hypothetical talk about the sewer ant parasite. What you understand does not mean it’s true. It can mean anything. But it’s more like a hypothesis on the Queen of illnesses.

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Sewer Bacteria Queen Parasite Joga

As we might come to conclusions, there remain mysteries about the unbalance in the brain system. What causes these unbalanced, mainly described as ADHD, Schizophrenia, Bipolar, and Parkinsonism to Parkinson’s might turn the page in psychiatry to discovering the Parasite that is the leading cause for these diagnoses.

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A self-test of 5 seconds might be deflected, where you try to focus like yoga but remain silent even with no movement at all, even feeling the movement of unbalance in arms or legs or even feeling unbalanced, which resets the timer to 0, so if you try to focus yoga, it’s practically impossible to feel total silence for more than 1-2 seconds of what we can count. I

n the treated version of this disorder can arise for more than 5-10 minutes, with total silence in body and mind. Even if standing on one leg seems complicated enough, and you seem unbalanced after just a minute, practicing yoga on one leg seems possible after total treatment of the Parasite. And you would be able to stand on one leg from the first test in hours.

Why does that seem to be attractive? Well, it means that if you use a brush on your back. You can feel more silence, more controlled matter, and less being so engulfed to continue on the same engulf as perhaps what comes to gambling as a reason.

guy in the bottom of a sewer


Before the Parasite, this might also be just simple bacteria. Still, we are talking about some other more distinctly particular type of intelligent lifeform, which can somehow extract information and live in industrialized countries. Perhaps its hunger for methamphetamine is very high.

This Parasite, as we might call it, Zendikumius, has, in a hypothetic statement, enough capability to rotate the serotonin, adrenaline, and dopamine system to its own benefit to work as a stimulative parasite in many ways undescribed.

It makes you ill when it wants you to be sick? I’ve been called for a state of Zendik for a prolonged condition where you are not affected by anything other than just what you ate last day, not by a particular disability of how to move or talk.

People infected by this Parasite, most likely the bacteria that is half of its proportions, might live like a cyst in your back. The name of the bacteria is Mycobacterium Bovis

This type of bacteria is in general vaccy against tuberculosis. It certainly is reduced and still active. This bacteria means 10% of all people can develop Schizophrenia by it. Indeed, it is also in many ways to work together with these intruders:

Parasite t.gondii.
Bacteria e.coli,
Bacteria Salmonella,
Fungus Candida,
Virus HPV,
Virus Herpes,

And there are hundreds of species of bacteria in your mouth. Most of them are positive, but some are negative.

And there are a few other bacteria who decided to work along and make people less of free will. Indeed, some people have been infected by even numerous other bacteria over the years, but I have no complete list to state the claim.

Since many types of bacteria aren’t that much of harm, we don’t fear them when they are in our mouths. But still are somehow enabling the immune system in the brain differently to overthrow the dopamine system by Interleukins, which is the leading cause of Schizophrenia.

Even HIV might be a reason why it is hard to reduce that virus to the minimum of nothing. Illnesses of several types could be reduced by the awareness of the bacteria that work together as a team.

And that is what the Sewer Queen is doing. She is working on your back, shoulders, or front stomach. At least enough to control you in many ways. Ways not described anywhere else.

Yes, it’s free will. It is reduced. God couldn’t change much of that. And indeed, it’s not God who is limiting you in the first place. It can be the Parasite that controls all your aspects of the day.

Maybe there are some unanswered questions that tenders in psychiatric institutions were reading the mind of others as if patients knew this. But they were controlled by the real mind readers as the Parasite. So perhaps maybe then we know that psychiatric tenders can’t read minds.

Toxins for the Sewer Queen
Hypothetically it does emit toxins that change most parts of the brain. The toxins give a false signal to the brain that something is unstable for the brain to malfunction.

it’s just a trick the Parasite is creating for the brain to change the system, tricked enough to believe there is something wrong to shift the transmission between the receptors in a way the brain doesn’t even understand that the system is a malfunction

In other ways, the trick’s production of adrenochrome mainly focuses on creating as many minerals as possible. However, you are still able to live in a probably usual way. So actually, the brain is overloaded to produce minerals for it, just for production and later the transport to the hypothetic Queen, which is more or less dependent on the minerals to breed itself.

It comes to the sewer through your urine. That’s why sometimes urine is an excellent drug for many. And most often, the sicker you are with mental illness, the more potent the urine becomes

As actually, even more hypothetically, approximately 1-100 exemplarities of this Parasite might be able to work against the brain system. The bigger the particular cyst under your skin is, the more powerful it is.

Perhaps if you scratch away this cyst, you might as well be able to reduce the illness to minimal, doing so over one year or two. The cyst gets smaller and smaller and is often on your back, hidden more in the places you can’t scratch. At least when you rub it one day. You’ll be able to feel calm every day until the next day. The calmness occurs instantly like medicine.

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You probably would be able to tell that the Parasite is in the brain, but this is only hypothetic. It can exist in the mouth while emitting toxins through that part of the system or exist there enough to be able to go into other systems of the human body.

Mario and Luigi created sewers in the past. If the military benefited from the urine, they would already have made sewers to collect adrenochrome and other minerals and drugs used in military operations. Even the growth of t.gondii lookalike parasites creates levels of titanium in your urine. You might simply as well produce gold in your urine.

The idea about the sewer queen would be enough to touch the belief of people that people are being fed to create the needed food for the Queen actively. That wrong food is bad as bad.

That wrong food causes more illness and thus the production of minerals for the Queen. As we know that meat is the most potent for creating such minerals, meat might still be the wrongest thing to eat. Most people with cancer can reduce their cancer significantly by eating less meat.

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Alien Parasite

So there are five systems in the body the ants might be able to work in: the brain, Blood, Mouth, Stomach, and the Digest system. Even being in all five systems as a parasite might give the parasites a chance for total command and even survival possibilities, in ways of the extraordinary way to be working, not even to be discovered even by me. But while some drugs kill the Parasite in some systems, the Parasite would survive in some scenarios if they are many and remain active.

Still, when it’s killed, it has no possibility of even coming back until some new exemplarities enter the body. So this is just a survival instinct for the Parasite when it is weakened. And while there are a rare amount of exemplarities, it has the chance for even further survival if this system would so rock solid even to trick humanity in this century.

This Parasite may be dependent on humans to survive as we can give the Parasite the dependency amounts of dopamine, serotonin, adrenaline, noradrenaline, and histamine minerals for it to be able to breed itself in ways unknown.

Thus the example that this is the Alien of our time, for a long-living since all centuries not before 1921. The documents showed no signs of Schizophrenia before that date when vaccy against tuberculosis was developed. Making people at long either wrongly sex addictive or any other addiction that comes in hand about this like drugs.


When we wrote this whole with this new rewriting, there was no science on Andrenochrome, which might be the most crucial spectrum of needed supplies to the military if the Parasite might be in the brain for how long it will be. Able to deliver an essential Elite drug?

At least military inventions were new in the middle of the last century. But again, this isn’t the first time some people made things up to make a solution of supplies. You can even believe this much since the difference between a militarized world and a world where everyone is treated well.

People often do not want a solution to psychiatric illness; they go along with those problems, don’t want a solution, and the Parasite might succumb to them to think otherwise harmful.

Therefore it’s the short amount of them in the infected body. The spreading of the Parasite is enough around ways it is intelligent enough to be around spreading possibilities as it actually can think enough to work in the sewer for it to survive as ants would generally do.

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All The Same
The system might also work to emit out adrenaline, serotonin, dopamine, histamine, and noradrenaline in the poo of the infected as much as possible, as there is an extensive system in the sewer that would be beneficial for the Parasite to exist in it. It would be possible to collect the materials in a tailor to transport them to the Queen, in places even not discovered.

Hence, after these years, most industrial societies have created logical diagnoses of Schizophrenia in many peoples, but everyone would be able to be Schizophrenic without disorders.

But in length, it’s just that Schizophrenia is just a way to practice what the human brain is when it’s unbalancing, specifically on how the dopamine and serotonin system is malfunctioning.

Everyone is Schizophrenic in the way they use the mind to think. We all are the same in mind, but we all are Schizophrenic; even not being able to follow up on unbalance, some people might give positive symptoms to Schizophrenia as it is a diagnosis.

Still, an imbalance in the brain causes Schizophrenia to be logical as a diagnosis so that you would get treatment against the inequality, especially if your illness is insane.

A person treated with many medications wouldn’t be able to emit diagnosis around themselves; how hard we can state the diagnosis on a person is different from most diagnoses.

All imbalances can be diagnosed and given a prescription for themselves to function mid-optimally. But you would never be optimal in function until you are medicated like Hitler was, with his amount of 74 medications simultaneously.

some people don't want solution

How We Are

What causes unlogic is we can treat the way parkinsonism; as the dopamine system is in imbalance, some drugs might cause the dopamine system to function optimally, so it functions optimally after stimulation that tricks the brain back to normality.

It’s an imbalance caused in a way it’s not damaged, the damage would give symptoms of injury, but the brain can change the pattern to work perfectly even with some parts gone because it’s using the best parts as function.

People with brain bleeding have the same symptoms mainly, and the damage is inflicted differently from person to person; even people with big holes through the head can communicate normally. The brain system can change for what is the task for each group of the brain, and usually, some parts of the brain are better experts on some functions, so this is how the brain arranges the way the process of the tasks.

So let us all become a Zendic, a free person who can do much more than anyone else. And we know that all are gifted, but only a few open their package.

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By Dealazer

The greatest movement will be done by vocalization of the great knowledge one can get. Musical interest in unknown artists is so low that most fail being them.

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