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Advice to be more economic – Advice for your economy

Advice to be more economic – Advice for your economy


I will make you be more economic with your lifestyle.



I will provide based on what you say on your own economic struggle a plan to be more economic, to make the right choices for your own.

I will tell you what to do with your big loans, you big expenses on different things in your life.

If you want to share and earn points pleaseloginfirst

What to do sometimes when there are hard times, what to really try to work on. What is important, what is less important.

Where to reduce your expenses. What becomes the expense.

Mostly this is good in case you have family and kids and have the need of important things in your life, without being unable to live your life because of the little you already have.

I will ask very many questions about your own economy and what your expenses are, to be able to work on this.


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