Nokas Robbery the Parallel Universe Clairvoiance

What would the robber behind the Mastermind David Toska, be if it was not him who stole papers that had valid date to even 1.1.2020? It could been worth on the paper 1000* what the actual amount they got away with.


Let me give you understanding, the robbers did only get away with plenty of bills but mostly coins in a demotion of 10-20kr. One of these coin rolls I’ve got from a friend who said I should wait with it, around 2006-2007. What others have plans against me, I do not know. I remember the incident, and he told me to keep it whole.

Day before

But what happened the day before? What bonds were stolen? The robbers did even not open that door to heaven. But as for all it might have been stolen property days before the robbery.

Paid off

All you need is either some guards paid off. And who was telling all the plans about Toska to some people who could plan this all?

Featured Image

But in the meanwhile look at the picture that is featured that you will see a tiny hole. I believe that the bullet came from a straight shot, that the bullet was fired from more blocks down the road. The policeman might have been called, and therefore he was parked outside the perimeter. But how could he shoot at Alfred? The one who got the bullet in his ass by the policeman. But see for yourself the desperate moves? In 60 degrees angle?


Yeah, Alfred Schuman was standing 60 degrees in line to the policeman.

Perfect Robbery

A perfect robbery they went away with? But see this, they have to dig out the whole thing, but they all outdated bonds which are auto-renewed inside Nokas property? And Norway had only 100 billion in money this year; even the politicians all lie because something went missing.

Loan to Maximum

Seet this scenario; someone had the opportunity to loan money, lend money by proof of stake. They could perhaps be thousand living outside Norway, and they might already be dead? Means Corona killed them all? You never know if you’ve not seen the similarities. That it was a perfect robbery?

Swedish Robbery Later

Even in Sweden, they tried their best to steal everything, but they missed on the container. But again these robbers know their hide.

Spies and Pseudonyms

All in all, you have to believe that I’m writing this because I shed the knowing of the psychiatric system with the robbers, that some are idiots some are cool but all probable spies or double agents? They did work as workers in something that sooner or later will have a single solution to, how fast the reveal of all will come you never know. But people with families if they have if they tell. Some don’t use smartphones. But some again we’re into this believing that their life should have plenty that some are prepared to repair all problems. The question is, how far will it go before all see big minuses to anything in their systems?

Sentenced to 20 years in Psychiatry

In the time, we will perhaps know that I’ve sat longer in psychiatric, because I knew I talked, and they knew what medicine would make me a maniac. I was in psychiatry 13 / 11 /2001 just two days after 9/11. This grotesque action was to have aspects of treatment given to less capable of winning. And unquestionably less violent. The time I’ve spent on wrong behavioural therapy and bad medicine until I decided to fight for what medication I needed.


At any time it would be improper to tell otherwise about this. Still, the bonds lie on the single graveyard. But they now worthless as it is monitored? Yeah, the politicians know, the police, all try for the best happening of happening. But this all is just a cotton ball that will go into cat and mouse project.

The Day After

Still, they weren’t aware that they even could steal the day. Make it funky long. And this clairvoyant feeling is maybe truth in others ears.

Snitcher Player

Why did the Swedish guy brake up on the gang in Swedish robbery? That was the theft that could have been done yesterday? Same way as here in Norway?


So would you believe some will say it’s a good hitter, much of my website is paranormal, so you might get ahead thinking that is pure fact, as it’s been not confirmed truth either a lie? Still believe they will be hunting for many, not that their conscience will kill another who is in this drama. Finding the guilty isn’t a need since the truth always shine no matter how it is, and in just ten days? Ten people might come out with new conspiracy theory on the day before. What happened the day before? It’s essential to know in all cases, but the police never looked after that day.


The perfect robbery, you ask? Yes, indeed tailored to the utmost perfection. And who many dies after the robbery is a question that never still get a logic connection to the incidents. Their path, the syndicate? Well, perhaps you wouldn’t ask? But the loans are closed for the time being, since the teller to the teller to the one who gets cold feet’s to the one who never saw all of this?

Nokas Robbery the Parallel Universe Clairvoiance

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