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Why should we seek a new type of governmental rule? Why it’s it is merely because Churchill once said, democracy is the best we can have now, but not the best in the future. He meant that communism wasn’t the further best. So by this, we open ourselves to try to attain a different course of governmental rule. Still, it has to survive either being abused, or governmental power would cause it never to exist, as it is with communism as it is with democracy.

The USA mainly had its democracy, but the government still opened to corruption by these rulings, as perhaps Russia has been for a long time. The corruption is the same in any country we pick; the politicians and their families often have a huge amount of money allocated somewhere else or in their families.

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Multi-Million Incomes
So on behalf of that, still politicians had multi-million incomes because their fathers and mothers were politicians as you have possibly with democracy, foundations. These foundations strictly matter whether and how to corrupt a politician. Maybe you have like in Norway Erna Solberg with colossal income to her foundation, thus then by people with the most revenue. That takes her never to issue a needed surge against the rich; nevertheless, the recommendation goes to other sources of income for the state, and the corruption is so wide that most even don’t know there are such out-sourcing of money.

The Source of income is probably an essential thing to a government or a state. It’s the benefit of creating better schooling and even build your waterpipe and provide you with the internet or even roads. But, this commercial attention was needed since governmental use of money wasn’t ever good spending. Since the people behind that income to do so, they never did anything different. It wasn’t allowed to make a difference. So a state can’t allow award certain people in their community because they are doing something right or great โ€” the down pit of reward.

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The Reward
Perhaps you would, at some point, be able to create a rule which inhibits rewards to the users of the systems. But it needs to be wise since as an award is given, the product needs to stay the same. Unless then unemployment comes. And that is the step beyond what most would recognize as a good state.


Common Belief
You have to have common beliefs of a system to let it actually work. But the start is up in the political table, tables where people don’t scream but never pretend to really take the significant care. So perhaps people would think of a solution to have Utopia on the earth, as soon as they are given money, their path in life stops, it does not develop. The development comes gradually because you might never have had something, or at least you are ahead and thinking about what to really do when you are actually broke.

Being broke is a sign of a healthful matter unless its steps are too high. People should not havGems can't be perfected without friction nor can people be without trials!e millions in their accounts, even at least if they didn’t work for it. So perhaps if you do earn money, you might as well spend it on several uses as probably on a new phone. Still, the phone in perhaps creates many invalid moments in the society since it’s built on substitutes where the lowest income is undoubtedly as small as the firm who creates them can get them to be. There is cynicism everywhere, especially when you can build a firm like Apple or Tesla on expensive resources, and you are subsidizing this enough. These companies are surely making money the first 10-20 years, but then the down pit comes. Several lawsuits and several people trying to reclaim what they’ve lost in perhaps cases where people attain more rights.

Resources & Subsidizes
But Elon Musk and his Teslas were that he made their cars solid. But the parts were expensive, so they built a giant. Maybe you would have a car which is produced at the cost of 40.000 in resources. Then the actual price of 280.000 resources a car could be making it not possible for most people. It would be the rich who has the most resourced out car. But some are not thinking about 2.000 resources cars like perhaps like Fiat small car like Tesla’s first grand model would be, around 200x times more in value of use IF some would make a standard car for the most, not in that way. Resource and Secure cars aren’t that easy to make if you are on zero resources. The speed of consumption went high. Not all had the money to buy something full of resources. Like perhaps it would be made so dead good and easy. And truly more secure. But there are more than 2000 parts in a car compared to 2000 resources car which costs 1000$ to build.


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Rights are important; you might not have them in democracy. But in communism, you might be lucky by a state that actually can initiate a case in which you can have your rights to not being stolen your little money. In a democracy, you can always be stolen your little money. If you have signed significantly in democracy, then you have protection. In another way, communism does not allow that many people with money, but again Russia ain’t no more communism, as it was. And is now just a mere socialism-democratic country. Perhaps the rights to the rich are as well here on protected but weren’t before. As probably, middle-wage income gives less protection in communism than in a democratic society.

State Property

You should have your own unit state property where you would be taken your rights to justice if a client is telling the truth. Since a customer always tells right about anything. Then laws should abide by those problems. There are many people trapped in this society. Either by not being able to shed our rights, sometimes people hurt people, and that takes us apart. And different ways things are just told, not sold. And rights should be righteousness be followed. Or else we get a society where money wins over the poor.

What is modern communism? Well, it interprets means modernizing it well beyond what communism is. It is to attend it as raising low wages and reduce high wages. Either of them actually needs to be a value themself to the middle, you still got capitalism, and you still got democracy as well socialism as even communism. You mix that up together and create a coup against any country that surely needs this type of rule. No, it isn’t that easy. But it is having a vision with modern communism. It’s a way beyond thinking. It’s perhaps that it is the longest end of the best rule, that way people were afraid:


Leading Middle
So you didn’t maybe want to have the best possible politics and futures for the world? The thing that scares most would be that they never set their foot up onto the door that leads to happiness for the world.

A way where you do have particular centred politics and centred beliefs what to really establish as a politician towards the furthermore writings about all of this. Maybe it would interest both the liberals and the conservatives because they as well meet in the middle, making things that are too liberal gone, as well conservatives as in certain countries killing their prisoners.

You might not be on the same road believing that people who kill people should mentally treat people since 90% aren’t stable beings.

Mental Illness
Often complicated with their mental illness to perform devilish acts. Well, some would say give the people behind bars a decent life, well most could in many ways live very generous on an iLand and though live there like kings and brothers the way they are moved into facilities that give them freedom. But as well well-processed jail time. These things are crucial and essential to the rights of the people since punishment gives grades of retaliation and behaviour that genuinely is devastating in a society.

You would seek forgiveness, and mostly that is all social needs. That we settle problems correctly:

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In society, you should seek to have people who can teach the best of life and teach how to become the best person of yourself, in a way that individual criminal acts do not happen. Still, in parts where society does punish the people, people often retaliate being as well drug addicts. These things are spirals and happen to wide many people in the community. And there aren’t a few of them.

So perhaps you would think that you might need better police, of course still you got to let them work on the right path towards the betterment of the society.

When it becomes legal
As perhaps Police can go into and take a look at any way to imprison anyone with a bag of weed. Well, perhaps we have this that police globally would not attain to arrest someone at a level to take the weed and take them to the police station. No, they would have several insiders with massive intel on several other crimes, as even would be that they could drop taking the people to the police station. But you might have anyway had a certain way where police would take with them the narcotics and didn’t file a file on it. Yes, it would be your own fault to lose a bag of weed. But it wouldn’t destroy your life, so you had to use several other more harmful drugs.

Take the content; don’t do more.
But that way, police anyway could have different things to do than chasing small criminals. And a certain way, police actually do need to fight heavy criminal cases. And start getting the right information from the people, for who would want to trust in the police if it would be allowed to possess but can be taken to destruction if found on your body. Perhaps as in Portugal, you might never be arrested for anything. And it honestly would yield very well for any country to instead think of that model as perhaps for the society.

Since several types of medicines can reduce or remove addictiveness, and being sober is probably the best thing in your life. And using perhaps drugs might be the second-best thing if you are having a substantial problem with your mental issues. Possibly in Psychiatric treatment, if patients were allowed to smoke weed, they surely wouldn’t be mad at any time or go violent. The process of using weed at treatment is cousy. Since people are more stable and really wouldn’t hurt anyone. They often do when they aren’t allowed and prosecuted extensively in the psychiatric system, where urine tests cause chaotic psychosis and acts of violence. These moments aren’t the best to believe; they are everywhere. And it’s repeating even I realize this wouldn’t happen if I set course and really mega do the whole written proposition of modern communism.

Life & Mind & The Last Course of Modern Communism
So perhaps you would have changed your mind about many things, but the riddle does not stop there; in modern communism, you are allowed to venture into your business and would get financial support. But you are only allowed to have a maximum wage. Your business or organization will have a guaranteed income. Yes, it’s by means your way to keep revenue to the business. But the business can’t give you money to yourself even you are the owner of the company. That is strictly forbidden. But you are to have something of the value by the funds.

Though, the money can be used to place the money to government or procedures of foundations not precisely owned by politicians since they shouldn’t have foundations; that is the state of emergency when they do have. Since having values that can grow at any time, you might already know it does not work. But by the way, you would invest certain aspects of the money into ventures that you think are good. Perhaps rewarding someone for their work, or possibly giving gifts to other countries. That sort of situation would be more welcome and possible. Since you anyway have to pay your workers, you as well will give them better income. But it isn’t fair that you should have used your money on paying the people who had it worst, people with low wages and abroad several people really would need a better standard and life’s betterment.

quote every problem has a corresponding solution


The ending statement
Modern communism is when everyone wins, not taken luck into consideration. A society based on performance rather than luck is a much better society. Since people are often lucky with demonized business models where society and the people have to suffer, perhaps big business fish production. They don’t care about the Hydroperoxide they empty into the water to treat their fish. Such endeavours are destruction to the world. And criminals are allowed their production in countries where there are no laws. And laws for the rich are the most important aspects of any rule.


By Dealazer

The greatest movement will be done by vocalization of the great knowledge one can get. Musical interest in unknown artists is so low that most fail being them.

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