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Secret of interrogation – Police Proposition Work

You arrest someone for something, and it does not matter when it can be, in a year maybe, even after all has been settled down? Well, these times, we have a murder on the wall, we have an unsolved case.

What you say does not mean they do the work, the days, the effort to have the briefing enough to retract to totalitarian of when people brake, when people realize they made a mistake big enough for a case.

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Well, you can be in another country than Norway? You can be in another country that uses specific ways to extract information, co-evident with the fatality of a case. Well, no one is perfect; even the CIA or the FBI in their work don’t make miracles explaining themself.

We are now in a society that does not attend to like a matter when even anything obstructive to a case is when you perform something like torture. Anything can be torture, yet understanding where you are to a small way you interact with the officers who detained you.

You have to have a gentle treatment, and you need to be served the best. Even the worst would come. You have to give pleasure to the opposite of torture.

You have to investigate every word said while the one telling the crime realizes it’s more in comfort to speak the truth than abiding by his line of lies. A feeling of comfort often can give unreasonable answers that torture can’t give.

And most and for all winning the lottery might be the same to tell about a secret of your life.

Lies can’t always have a precise explanation that they are lies. It can be a truth, but it can be a lie. But in the end, you still have a failure to retell, but being forced to retell is, in its matter, torture.

Anything is torture if it’s not conveniently known as pleasure. It is a pleasure to sit and tell the truth when you realize that it matters more than telling a lie, but a lie can also be equally a truth, depending on when it is said or who said it, or how you are in your comfort zone.

Are you perhaps in a comfort zone where everything is funny, comedian-alike typo people who look like clowns attend a case where one sits and jabs about everything?

They break up and tell the truth before enough pleasures exist; it can be an evil way to perform this task, but was the case more sinister? What is then evil corrupt?

Evil is when you put people in jail for years when people realize the comfort of getting away with something; they tend to reuse the possibility even in an interrogation.

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What you never can prove lightly in this world is the secret of interrogation. Where you are attending in behind, it would be as obvious to let the person on investigation answer legal standard questions.

The ones behind the glass actually ask their colleagues: “Is he the right person to have a case on?” If that person in the interrogation room absurdly cast light on random numbers devoted to eight yes, three yes, or even five yes.

When some back the glass questions are so hard, you have a random answer, that in this case, when an answer is given when that is the truth.

Godly products attend to the situation. For some police officers, belief in God or Goddess assesses the possibility of taking other actions more humane and ethically.

Some even hide their interrogation objects as subjects of the truth. By this procedure, they are on this behalf keeping a problem or are either a problem or solved as grace to their perceived criminal case. This means that certain people are forgiven for their acts. It’s common sense that in this matter, people with more spiritual understanding are casing off cases than keeping facts as cases.

With the newest police squad? You can’t merely solve a case; you have to have adept belief and advanced thinking. If you are in lack good and evil, you aren’t able to proceed knowing what’s right or what’s wrong. People are lawful, but are they neutral or godlike?

Perhaps lawful neutral, you are saving your life being something nobody knows of what? If you are unlawful and reasonable, you are somehow doing a good crime.

The crime might be useful, but it can also be so good that it isn’t a crime. Well, people often are neutral good, but when people are lawful evil, they are doing everything lawfully, but things that aren’t a crime, as perhaps telling someone to hang themself?

They are then performing a crime that isn’t naturally anywhere a crime. So if you only have in your team squad lawful good? You are on the wrongdoing of your team, and they will not have to reassemble what is what? Who is what, what they do, what crime did they do?

If you are lawful good, which often is the best, your life was chaotic good, but you were chaotic evil as a child. Then you have much more information about how to take a criminal than the criminal can hide from you.

So perhaps we would tend to incriminate people as maybe we are chaotic evil and still in the squad. Since the true you do not shine the first week, it takes longer to assess the right people from the other people.

Not only that lawful good can act chaotic evil at any time, but it does not perform the actual crime. But that people are people, thinkers are thinkers, but they think less than thinkers.

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Books — Many of them, evidently the things that create boundaries between people, peoples mind is where it last did were with the reading about the last words he knew were written, this little book might as well be a book, but it’s a part of a more critical thinking book.

Still, it does not matter how people destroy it. The artist behind it will always be able to proceed with its art around the possibilities of managing this situation, though based on prevalence to keep it as information, widely remarked by the FBI.

But take perhaps being a person, if you are chaotic neutral, your life is so chaotic that you make mistakes, it makes you who you are and with mistakes crime of errors come.

In this matter, all should be in jail for at least one day. Because it’s evil to have people in prison, somehow, God punishes people who cannot see their future before they commit their crime thinking of a crime. TheΒ unlawful got his jail time anyway, and it took him partly other crimes the same. A criminal can commit several not fully applicable crimes, but then in totalitarian get his actual sentence to stay in jail for the genuine need to stay waiting.

Perhaps some even like to be in prison and deliberately commit a crime; such thing has ever happened in Norway, for so long, if you know of no home, no food? What would your legal sins crimes become? What would you do to get a good education and good food?

Anything you haven’t got in your daytime. It’s ok to get people jailed, but don’t imprison them for anything, don’t detain them by your grief. People, in general, should be forgiven. Forgiveness is the most potent great, a great doing we still have in our world.

To be placed in a dungeon, you have to work your way up back through it; some solutions could put a person in such a position to even get away with a crime, but they will not get away if they are still chaotic evil.

There is a deeper connection between crimes unsolvable and solvable, the making of killing. These crimes are insidious; they are worse than anything of any sin crime you could imagine. Especially for society, you can’t value a man, but some haven’t even been arrested for the petty crime of death.

Thousands have a culture to kill each year, people who dear to slaughter each year, without being yet caught at the end of the line, they would, since that’s the natural part that takes over and makes the police honestly know its values by the crimes performed.

In such a deed, we have the secret of interrogation as a part of our understanding. Especially when taking roles in this musical work by Dealazer:

The secret to interrogation is to perceive a picture of the crime; you don’t even need close contact with the criminal if you can ask the question rightfully right. You ask in the air behind a glass; well, the person answers in front of the glass plate; it does by being filled by ghostly matter, as the Holy Ghost Who is God.

The ghostly affirmation is by the full connection with what needs to make the criminal able, to tell the truth, if the questions have been asked, no matter where, since the answer lies around the answers.

Perhaps you already filled out a formula of general questions, but the yes and no is the affirmation to all your questions if only yes and no is asked this way. Do you sometimes eat apples?

And your problem question is, did you meet your mother yesterday? If he answers the question of sometimes, he might as well solve the hidden issue question mystery before, did you meet your mother yesterday?

Well, your questionary formula might have holes, deep holes, if the question is obvious if it was too much performed, but it will genuinely give an answer for a decade to most crimes.

Most crimes would have a solution to their counterpart of the presented crimes. Some people would take another step in the secrets of interrogations by asking their wife if she was unloyal.

Someone will request the answers as soon as the need for an answer is correlated with the questions when Godly affirmation is possible, and that’s not always; you might find a solution to several cases.

But you will have less proof; perhaps, you have to convince the jury about how the method was performed; in your first case, it would end wrongly.

The criminal might get away; well, it might happen by the process of forgiveness and by the thought that the crime was performed by being a chaotic person but while not fully connected with the reality, perhaps sick?

These things measure by the past to their answers already placed in the content of how someone performed the questions.


quote everyone deserves second chances

Why it’s a ghostly affirmation? Well, think of this already people being lawfully good as most are, are about the belief that the Holy Ghost is the part of the riddle? And yes, it truly is.

Are you are possible to understand the powers of the universe? Then you might as well find the answers lying in front of you, in a book in a story others produce; even the TV might say what you should do and not do. It is by the interpretation of the Holy Ghost, and the Ghost is more powerful than even God himself since God uses the Holy Ghost to make the possibilities of this world happen?

And does the Holy Ghost become in any way criminal? Well, it can act criminal towards ways you are trying to perform evil acts as lawfully evil, by these means the Holy Ghost? Can it kill? Yes, it can make you a murderer; it can make you anything nearly as well desired.

It does not matter who it is, sometimes a crime is a petty crime, but sometimes a crime is deliberately by Godly matters. And the crime can as well be a realistic situation in our world, that if a crime is performed, several people do not do that crime, as well as it was the faith of some people.

Because God couldn’t lie with statistics, it’s perhaps possible to remove a statistic as God might truly be powerful enough at some steps of life. Still, Aliens don’t know that God exists, so the only part is that statistics don’t fully stop up. People are people, but some should educate stupid people. Education needs people. This vital thing to society creates different societies.

And thus, then, mere humane and critical thinking societies are more together like bees who create a community that can exist for several million years. Because the crimes were never performed by meaning thinking wrong, or wrongdoing by belief.

There are certain types of people still in education or the finished school that is chaotic unlawful.

There are many of them, and they, in specific ways, introduce cannibalism to the people when the society is well hungry or can at least pay more to the collection of taxes than it, in reality, would be needed.

These societies introduce what makes as well crimes and murders possible since it is the oppressed who get furious against the minority of the Elite who perhaps already assumpted neutral people.

The insidious thinking of some people being psychopathic is to instead focus on destroying beauty. Their evil acts are measured by how well they are hidden and how many reveal themself by evil deeds performed with a diligent smile.

So then to the end. There are several precautions to take, this paper wouldn’t be good enough if you didn’t hear the music, but it wouldn’t be good enough if it weren’t mandatory reading.

In the end, it so much to tell. But a wise person realizes there is reading that everybody can do, not just one person.

And the more you learn, the more you understand. The more you understand, the more you forgive.

The more you really take the right cases to your body, who would be doing a crime several times, the first it was a mistake, the other an actual crime? Well, if you really know it is a crime?

That’s the question. So to the ends of these words, you should at least try your best of you. Even who you are, laws are to follow, but can everybody follow the most essential?

Well, do beg your country to have the same laws as Norway, but Norway needs your laws. It should be in unison with righteousness with laws, which does not allow people to do what they most would do.

There is one universal law, and that’s Kardemomme law. You are nice to everybody, and everybody is nice to you. You do not hamster the food, and you work with true reasons with others. Therefore in Norway, we do not have that much crime since we all know the Kardemomme Law.

When the Robbers Came to Cardamom TownΒ (Norwegian:Β Folk og rΓΈvere I Kardemomme by) is a 1955 NorwegianΒ children’s bookΒ written and illustrated byΒ ThorbjΓΈrn EgnerΒ tells the story of Kardemomme (Cardamom town). It is considered one of the most important Norwegian children’s books. The book includes many songs which are connected to the story. The story is well adapted for playing as a theatre act with musical elements.

The law: You should not harass or bother wrong others, you should be nice and wonderful to others, but you can nearly do everything you want.

Harass or bother wrong others are so many ways to describe the sentence since it can also be plaguing others as plage in Norwegian.

Read all about it here:

Kardemomme by and it’s law


The greatest movement will be done by vocalization of the great knowledge one can get. Musical interest in unknown artists is so low that most fail being them.

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