I guess Gilde “Norwegian Meat Producer” has a collection of HPV viruses in their Salamis and other meat infection sources. I believe and really guess. But that’s for a reason.

What the HPV virus “Human Pappillo Virus” does with many men who are not fully spectrum vaccinated, a vaccine that is something you do not get in Norway, but in Sweden, the virus forms several small white dots around the head of the penis. What it does again, is that it forms a penis that looks perverse if it is shown to women. This virus manages to survive for a long time, while soap under the foreskin proves to be effective in killing it, but on top of that, you may have to supplement with copper-zinc medicine as either one of the metals can reduce their levels if used singularly. Then the virus basically also gives poor potency and less penis length to many people.

Gilde is known for its source of infection. We call it in Norway “Gilde Smittekilde” Which perfectly rhymes correctly. “Gilde – The source of infection”

It is not only this virus that is available in their meat, hence there are several types of viruses and several types of parasites among them t.gondii also Candida proves to be prominent in most sausages from Gilde. Even E.coli which now is measured is of a lower extent but can increase the wronger the meat has been packaged or stored for a longer period of time. So remember always to microwave your meat. And you would be freaking out and say wow, but the day you are sick of Schizophrenia you will get a cure but the day you don’t the microwave might save you more than cooking, if they invented the microwave today they would forbid the use of it. Since the science of conspiring about that meat and Schizophrenia has probably also been declassified like here in this document, that’s why you will get a hidden cure in the future?

These forms of intruders cannot be detected but are already impossible for infection control in Norway, which competes in the same way against doping, so Gilde has been at the forefront of fooling them once again this year.
Not only is the food from Gilde exposed a lot, but it also provides for many who have had their immune system destroyed enough to develop Schizophrenia. Maybe, someone, this time has been vaccinated that removes the Schizophrenia disorder at the bottom of it all. This is maybe a soldier developed disease that gives huge strength in a healed state.


What medication I’m on? Well, it’s Perhpenazine 0.5ml injection each other week, sometimes you need it twice, “each week”, Akineton 0.5mg each day melted under the tongue. 200mg Quetiapine Depot tablets chewed at 10:00. And 600mg Quetiapine Depot tablets chewed at 20:00. Also, I use 400mg of Cystine each other day. C-Vitamine and 1200mg Lecithine. And some fish liver oil 30ml. That covers what I need and Perhpenazine “Trilafon” kills most of the parasites in the body. Makes me super stable. And Quentiapine does kill Perhpenazine side-effects. Also, the choice to not eat meat as often is a good choice. I also use Ibuprofen 400mg when I feel doomed and have mania and panic attacks. The use of Quetiapine 100mg is used as well by the same method.

But what you actually need is just a detailed adjustment of your procedures of the day. And behavior and how you act to others around you, and often it’s a good idea to be nice to everyone even those you can’t be too. So don’t fight against the system, let the system fight against you. It’s a good saying from Josef L. Derda, who was once my father.

So Schizophrenia is actually an American patent? That is most likely a classified confidential secret of the society, it’s maybe new knowing to you, but you will never know the full truth of the Matrix Syndicate Society, earlier recognized as an evil sect. But based on the whole, Schizophrenia is a medical condition in a completely different aspect.
Those who recover from the disease can actually develop something such as being awake for far more than just 1 week. You can actually go months without sleeping. This is only possible if you have removed the sub-phase of the disease, invaders such as viruses, parasites, fungi, and bacteria that attack the immune system and collect in large numbers interleukins in the brain that Karolinska Institute has found out about the disease, but the disease is prominent then in the way that you sleep more normal and you are more normalized but mentally ill.
A person who recovers from the disease can become so ill that he is unable to cope with the very proportions of being healthy.


Partial refreshment healing is better than pure healing

It may be said that antibiotics can cause mania in many people with the disease as it shuts down the disease for a short period of time.

So again it’s a little weird that those who tell truths are psychos? Or is all this just a concept of conspiring? Because I’m very good at real goods …




quote on God and what he might do if you don't do


Yes, and those who say that God does not exist are liars and often make themselves popular by it. Rather, to soak away culture and ethics and morals away from people who may not be so much more than believers in God and not religions. You get to decide for yourself, but if you are called up to one mission in life, do not say that God has not helped you enough in it. It makes it all a little more exciting.

Why live in the love that is forbidden and maybe a little silly but most porn recorders have suffered from depression for a long time and death on top of that. Therefore, rather search for true love and what it entails and wait for the long for the eternal love far more there and which gives meaning and the future that can exist in a Utopian society where hatred is not bred by jealousy.

Even the legend of not having sex before marriage is often a good rule of thumb. Why should society show the perverse side of itself? How sick it is not for children to see men dress up in masochistic sesame clothing when there are parades about idiotism. Now also you can see that even the internet is filtered a little more to mature society. Who remains in the shadows is uncertain, but they are more alone now than ever before.
Because if you do good, it is multiplied by 10x and if you do something evil, it is multiplied by 40x. How evil you remain rather turns likes into hatred in the end for the individual.

When some have been left believing in something that actually meant something, as a child one remembers that one should rather get married and have a girlfriend forever. It was the principle why many who used drugs because of the ideal they did not see in society, but learned it as young people and wanted it in a really good utopian society, where even politicians did not upvote 146 proposals for climate change that the opposition managed to vote down. Then with one exception to tax cow meat which was submitted as a proposal to the Storting “Norwegian Government”.

So yes, why not submit proposals to the Storting “Government” other than that they should always do something? Why not let them vote for your good plans for a better society and Green Energy? Often opposing Party has so many wonderful things to do that the people in the fury of being the leaders of a society downvote everything.

Remember, the day you ask God to guide your footsteps, you have to move from the bed to the computer, at least you will be active and in the end live longer than all who are determined to fall in the society and the magnitude of stupidity that people were fed for years.


Now listen to some hot music about love, why people leave their beloved ones, it’s like love for million Love for TRILLioN:

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