Seven agen bit that way, faraway whizz ko ko kok be karamnei.

So the party began while my mind occupied the fest, that this non-social disabled text takes you to the parts that the voice is unclear towards stating that all this has been forsaken, those who know my deepest end, it’s like familiarise yourself with that artist. It’s the same that there is utmost noting to reside with towards the same ways. Sanity comes with great insanity. Like the Jing Yang way never the same.

Tho doing unless the real depressing to not being allowed artisizm or deepened with CIA drugs turning off the same att that way to normalise. But it is jizz branded drug; it has nearly 10.000 different substances if one would want to know the wrath of everything.

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Still, mama nutmeggy did know that below yes was insanity, and I’m entering you to it; remember that sanity starts with number 8, at below most wicked difference.

Starting these days, wouldn’t be that for all. Still the shadow of the play. Playing Hero Quest all day…

They punish me for the drugs I didn’t take; still, they play their game of the Castle, like I’ve been there done that. Still, through the dungeon of the pit, I do not surrender, but I pledge a deep worry of the haste. Fate wouldn’t be like a flame, still deepened in sorrow, I raise an army on my own. Dependable determinable the wrath of the Nicolodeus the way the path been lay ahead, fighting wrong for the rights to wear the maps of the word parts. Still, to read a map, you have to find the fault, not what is right. It takes you to the pit of the dead. And still, the treasure isn’t found where it is, and it is in your imagination if you could see how close the prizes are.

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I’ve sold it to the Aliens, the mighty logins to enter the dwell, not many seem unwell, couldn’t be that hard, the sale was just a part, still deepened in sorrow we don’t know the door. Still, some are locked up in their wrath. Still, people deepened in worries of eternal prisons. Still, there were deep worries that couldn’t come out of the house. The fear it might have been some of that deepens our latest to become sane in the insane.

Listen to this you might want:

Do yjr dyotu nsouy yjid etsyj uou eoulfny esny yjsy iydu piydu upi epiΓΈfmy gsΓΈΓΈ gpt yjr dsmr dss,r smf rbrtu ,su upi dsu oyd yjr fsu igp smf yo,rd sjrsf er gsΓΈΓΈ omyp fr,pmd ferΓΈΓΈ smf dyoΓΈΓΈ er eptm yjptmd yp Γ₯ΓΈrsditr pitdrΓΈg om yjr rrΓ₯rmrf sty er dysu sd rnvp,r er tofr yjr frboΓΈd ypr om yj giyitr lrrΓ₯ ,u tomh niy yjslr oy gtp, ,u ΓΈrg jsmf dyoΓΈΓΈ yjru lmpe gpt ditr fofm’y esny yo knoe nuy yjru eotkrf jstf got iy yo dysu sesu gtom yjr hsmr yjru yook spsty mu lonlirdy psty sy ,ody yjru voulf jsbr eon nuy noe yjru fon’y knoe sn dyill iyd on yjid esu jstf yjsy yo,r od jstf. dyoΓΈΓΈ yjru nr ΓΈpplomh gpt yjr Γ₯trvopid.

Still, it was the bait; I couldn’t steer most of their hate…

It was their fate. To lose it all demons wouldn’t want, now they Shepperd the things that still could be unghostly forgotten would widely know that time takes time, that their path is forsaken. Still, they only could undo the wrong and live in a better part than doing wrong, even getting tenfolds of years back to now. They couldn’t steer their mind unknowingly the same way, as they as well were on the same type of measure of the drugged insane, still unknown what would happen if they didn’t take the daily pill, swallowed by the grass of the way it’s green on the other side.

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Couldn’t be that far to fight away still comes the day, that they will understand that they lay the cakes wrong on fate. Still, it was evil and good fighting for survival, and then future paths there wouldn’t be that more than not knowing at all. Still, the trails wouldn’t shed differently if they knew what was along. Still, the mind is unthinkable until the end is an exit of the mind. How much could you not forget, and still remember, what was that you would ever want to remember? Still, then they pledged an alliance against fate, winning because the bad was foretold about them, but they might have changed. Still, time will show how many times someone tried to unchange the wrath to become a part of the future with the angels of the pit, and they who served the world would eternally have been given better gifts from the unseen than the seen. Still, belief isn’t a path to the wisdomless.

They build a time something better, believe that for the better. Do always think good will happen, and goodwill prevail. So never judge others unless said so, so perhaps the future might exist as if nothing ever happened. But the times it takes to heal the wounds is up to us, not for them to worry about, but time will come where traps are played on the evil paths. But still, times are to heal and join the world’s prosperity without losing yourself to the lost cause, instead work your way out.

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Still, times heal, but for a person who didn’t feel the pain, there is not easy to tell how things were, but realize the worst part is the captivation because the drugs were too hot. So they punished me for the drugs I didn’t take. But how could I become drunk in a Castle of The Fate?

Was it so taking away the third eye of them all or my own? Well, it couldn’t be that far enough to understand this as a past.

So what did I sell to the Aliens? Well, it was a gift given awayβ€”the keys to the chest of the future. The future is to become won against evil forces.

Anyway, you would want to dear know that that killed the Devil in 2002. Well, perhaps it was, but honestly, I didn’t kill him, I destroy his eyes in the dungeon of the soul thievery, at least he couldn’t find his way back, at least he couldn’t eat food so he could get back to reality. Perhaps he was entering a terrain that he couldn’t exit without seeing the path ahead. At least he was truly dead in already 2003. And hence the song called the Devil is Dead was to appreciate the given time that someone killed him. And someone needs to find him again by digging him up from the trail.

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So the devil is captivated in his 2000 years lying on the floor to be found in 2000 years. What we can now do, is often by perhaps being allowed to do without the fear most people had to turn around the world to a better understanding of the future of the construct for a much better world.

When the devil is dead, there are certain things to explain. The old psychiatry system made a more significant mistake. Perhaps you’ve never read the book called Kallocaine; it’s a book about a particular drug that explains all secretes of one person. And that’s the mistake I’ve been making for 20 years. It was too honest about the system. The system then was implementing three urine tests each week. But then again, that’s because they caught me on the drugs I didn’t take.

Much of this writing is to be understood simpler if you listened to the darn songs. At least it would tell something about the wrath.

There are two chaos masters, those who seek to know nearly anything and those who tend to be evil, but perhaps there is some good in those who are the right, at least the bad. The Evil Wizard could be himself, just that the same evil chaos master. But in that song, reference of who is who isn’t that easy to catch to know.

The talk about wrath has been covered in several of my writings so maybe take a look now or later today to know more about it. Three other texts fit together like a puzzle:

Short Book of Storytelling – Back to the Future 2155

Story told:! Talk a Talk about Wrath! Doing the time, Eductation is needed! Future of time! It’s time! Satan Killed!

Book – BASIC

So perhaps you would want to know more? Learn about true love, and it is endlessly influential. Did you know that divorce is one part of the other part of the two stones that Moses did carry from the hill, Moutain Sinai? These stones are different from parts of the world, and in one of the rules that are in perhaps, Norway is far different from those in the USA. Maybe you would say divorce is a sin, but the ten commandments are just nearly the same in some countries. But in some not even used in the ten commandments. What I’ve genuinely seen is that they, them, or they try to do, keep the extra ten commandments as a secret, so you might see some censored pictures around about the two stones that Moses went from uphill to downhill. Indeed, people were furious since they couldn’t live by the many of the extra commandments that would put prostitution as evil and marriage between same-sex couples. Read of this more on my posting about this further at this page:

So what is love?

Now you see 888 is here, and there are no rich that there’s no rich, stupid enough

doing nothing other than just bitrate of people not allowing others.

So this music would inflict mind of the mind.

So you wouldn’t want to understand that the above 8 is that future divide my mind. I’m the tool of the government to tell you that I do not exist. Who I am is just an artist wanting to live.

But how would it be if I flew to another space? Listen to the tracks in between these words sometimes.

But I tried Paradise Hotel to play my track. But the problem for a long was quality.


So being same is excellent, all I need is properly made beef a steak, something can kill you for just because you are just one abuser, but I tell you this is aren’t great yet, because my life is in collide, I wish a second thought made redo the track 200 times.

And all my tracks were that from time to time. Possibly that I will travel to space, find a buried ancient spacecraft.

Then you’d like the best of Mr Doll and many others like him that I know. The future underground artists to perform big scenes in a hurry make music like fire.

featured quote

So the nutmeg is no smoke, no toke torpedo, blaze it low. Being low and still up high. No side-effects, nothing terrible, but you don’t take more than just 0.2 sizes and don’t do that straight oat. You chew it for 15 minutes and take it lovely to remove the poison with your chew. The times when makes the days enough so strong.

I don’t want to live for the loss; I seek the whole life to life, the future, the dedication.

Now you’d already put on this mix.

When nothing is going to change, even the love, but things get better anyway…

I wouldn’t ask for more than your love…

There might be this unforgiven girl, and if she knew her faults, she couldn’t make unchanged, like perhaps forgiveness is the great promotion. Do rock the boat.

I don’t take planes, and I only travel by sea.

There’s always been a perfect place; now you should be on the second track in the Dj mix.

Someone else stole my dream to smoke a cigarette of only tobacco with Mike Tyson and make him fight against him. Well, it would be substantial. But that as well would be a decision of possibility. And even ask for more a fight against the other one who charged Tyson.

If the road ahead is not so hard, then you know that you don’t need to change it otherwise evermore there…

And found struck the dreams to that to make the love boat, but they made Titanic. What they did then was to put me to sleep, forget everything. And I became braindead that part of life. I couldn’t remember the PIN on my phone.

All my lost dreams so clearly in the eyes of the world.

And did you know that one thing you couldn’t be sure of is wanting to be Vice-President in the USA?

So what do I do and get a promotion?

Simpsons standing with Trump?

Since the second time on the road, I knew that the election was rigged.

Trump got 75%+ votes! It’s like tipping the boat over. All votes Trump got was 75.12%

The numbers make the Denver when I take the boat with all my baggage to the USA to tip the boat over or not to only rock the boat.

And I knew people in California knew me.

Since I got American’s best jewellery, I want to sell it.

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Would you mind not messing with me? If you mess with my people, and the fake shit isn’t a bad skill, this is the reality. Things are getting I’ll, but if you accuse me, I do have people in Canada that would take all because I’m honest, and you all stink outmost because you all I’m talking to fake on that I do it for my people. They will do the same back.

Know that I’m on the 5th track on the Dj mix, and I’m the grim reaper.

Hysterical death cause on those doing that against Ivanka Trump. As if I put a flame on that procedure.

So an insane way as they repeat the pay. It means that things reflux back on them 1000* times more, but take perhaps God making it insane to 1000* and you all must die.

featured quote

Yeah, tweaking traps…

Dollar signs, you will not see these traps everywhere, you stupid can’t kill me, I don’t exist like satoshi. I was grouchy. So I posted real things in the 14.3 powder lines of the developer’s super tweaking traps-traps.

I’m not big; I’m super desmond; they got the memo, monumental when I count the cash, robbers everywhere. While you read, you get a bullet of the missed pistol.

Dealazer isn’t that only just a government plan that doesn’t exist at all.


Time is still there

Maybe you will be doing things no reason to full fill, gratefully in a bin.

If you just knew that the other track after the tweaking traps with a bullet hole.

You don’t know how silver bullet holes find a deep deepened life on yourself.

But you want to be at sea, and the sea is the only to see…

Then I see how to repel the day…

Lost dreams of every day…

The faith, much better fit.

So everything has been underrated.

No cream when there is a block on my Twitter.

No love?

Show no brother no live. That was the great BuddyMantor on track.

And respect the boy. I made money, computer, everything I could make into a giant. But I’m careful when I choose friends. No love?

featured quote

Show no brother no love, Attending this.

Medicine …

I’m not puffing the cannabis…

It’s not real…

Then you might hear something you e already hear if you listened all first and last. Space is so fine.

But Young Ty might have been this crazy guy of time. With both similar tracks in the Dj mix.

You might want to slow read. But I’m finishing this book. I hope I make more.

The end.

Story: I’ve been locked up – The Hero Quest – Biggest Nutmeg Party

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- The greatest movement will be done by vocalization of the great knowledge one can get. Musical interest in unknown artists is so low that most fail being them.


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