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Advice on what your beliefs and your own religion should be like

Advice on what your beliefs and your own religion should be like


I will learn you something people don’t actually know that well.



Maybe someone wants a new religion, some new beliefs, a story to succeed in your life looking for the answers.

For something to lean on, even being at that point congratulated by the one you believe in, the Goddess or the God, that mostly is in any given religion.

If you want to share and earn points pleaseloginfirst

This is more to give you some insight views, what to read, what to become a person you are. Where to look, what to keep looking for.

Somehow show you the path of your own life for that to be in a good sentence for your own belief or your family.

To have fewer bonds to the people who differ you in a bad way. The right to just have a belief that anyone can be proud of.

You will most likely not need to turn away from your own beliefs, but it will be given you some things to hold your fingers on, some things to be deviant of.

Some things will be a part of your own life for good.

Some things will even become a great relief to you. You will most likely cherish those around you, as well the people who have other beliefs than you. But you will most likely become more thankful for the advice than to reduce your own possibilities and your own path in your life.


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