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When we talk about mental health problems, we might prefer to call them non-chronic if the brain has no physical damage. Such often calls it a mental problem as perhaps a wide range of diagnoses has made it possible.

Let me refrain from this minor: Perhaps brain damage to speech and other impairments is caused by tissue damage inside the brain.

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Maybe when the centers of the brain do not function appropriately by physical injury as we have with Parkinson’s, often referred by me with an ongoing process of turning on the power of the speakers and when the noise is making the trip different for the ongoing process of degeneration.

So the damage is extra from healthy Schizophrenians, which might be just particle congestion of contamination by the immune system itself.

Perhaps you would at least find a cure to many mental illnesses, and that’s in the spinal fluid in the brain that often can have enormous potential of finding the link to disease.

Still, we would talk about Schizophrenia, where two substances called interleukin-6 and interleukin-1-beta are causing the brain to act sick and confused.

And confusion by Hegel has been described as psychosis. Even with rats Karolinska Insitute said that these interleukins are giving rats confusion in the dopamine system.featured quote Image from site  soon good


The main problem with MS might be different facts, as I feel as if to have to sleep each day when I have congestion. Often Industry countries develop many other diagnoses per person. And through this statement, people often get sick in industrial countries.

The difference might lie in the available contamination of water and food, especially meat. Towards this, several weaknesses in the body might already be established, even from GMOs. Gene Modifications.

And even chemical additions such as E substances might be necessary even to kill bacteria. It can even become dangerous if it affects these illnesses, thus introducing them and maintaining the harmful effect.

Based on the available source, there might be specific ways of contamination, but congestion. That might be cleared away, and often, Lecithin 2400mg each day. It’s a fatty acid and helps work miracles for the memory and the brain anyway, so why not take it?

Perhaps you would want to know the 100% healing of Bipolar illness is just adding a significant number of essential amino acids to have the possibility to clean the brain as perhaps L-Cysteine, the little brother to N-Acetyl-Cysteine. In such a way, this is the actual cleaner.

Most would feel liberated by just this amino acid. We know from science that some do not produce essential proteins to transport fluid or even contamination out of the brain. Proteins might also work as filters in the brain barrier.

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So you wouldn’t want to add upon more like perhaps L-Lyceine and L-Carnitine. I don’t know their complete available properties, but they do achieve some better brain state.

If you combine them all, as I’ve had for a long being chased by problems, so my diet is also without land-animals-meat. Since a higher level of bacteria or parasites does not reduce and causes my brain to be confused and psychotic more powerfully.

Say that I tell you this. That there is no entire health risk to these supplements. But ahead, there is so much to discover all about it.

This day I watched a documentary about why Norway does not allow to give treatment for MS, and I know why because there is no documentation on the medicine for MS. If you sent 50% placebo and Schizophrenia sick people, you would end up on the same road – Healed.

Better solutions are to use bariatric treatment and try to learn the immune system’s new intruders as you do with this treatment.

And all mental illnesses by no injury in the brain are caused by its immune system and other essential cells in different modes than needed. They’ve already discovered that the brain has a lymphatic system that belongs to the immune system.

But when the immune system with either Parkinson’s or Schizophrenia destroys the dopamine system as Parkinson’s might be, you never turn off the machine. But the strain and the genes often related to both diseases are the immune systems, and that’s with Bipolar and nearly auto-immune diseases.

Perhaps you would know that the treatment against MS involves cell poison, which inhibits the destruction of nearly any parasite, bacteria, fungus, and even virus.

You would perhaps even heal HIV, and it might be correct if the stem cells you take out do not contain HIV, and every intruder in the body is gone. That way, it’s possible for the immune system to take new measurements of new intruders.

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The immune system database is the leading cause of many mental diseases where you have a fire going on in a room, the ambulance is called, and the alarm goes off. But it does not stop anyone from doing their job.

So they ridiculously searched everywhere, and by their trespassing, they had to make holes in the walls. And then some fixed the holes since they had to find a new mission. And I didn’t want to wait for winter to calm down.

Still, there is enough information to make further steps into healing everything. But bariatric pressure treatment would also reduce harm by intruders since you don’t want to die when there is no good air.

And too little humidity in the room causes dry mouth and coughs, which is enough to die eventually. Even high humidity levels might cause breathing problems, and an even higher level of bacteria might be created, even in the air.

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I saw the whole documentary today. But there was a small humidity level, so people often might cough more because of using cell poison.

And yet, there are possibilities to heal mental illness. Be aware that a revolution in medicine might come, and the problem is the lack of communication and even recognition for people who write about this. So I was screaming again about this, all over the net.

I believe you have to do something in return; you must sacrifice something. People see this anyway. See too many of my truth-speaking voices. Now there’s soon everyone everywhere.

So the formula?
L-Cysteine 100mg
L-Carnitine Tartrat 100mg
L-Lysine 100mg
Lecithin 1200-2400mg

What you would do is to share this and at least comment, maybe? Make life a better way with knowledge?

There are several means to why Schizophrenia is what it is. On my page, you find several articles on health.

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By Dealazer

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