My Simple Case
It is brutally how the system in Norway has been subject to laws and regulations are not followed to the sense required. It made brutal mistakes on psychiatric patients in far too many years when you can barely breathe in how sick it was. How the laws interpret even within and outside the court; I have indeed been on the judgment of compulsory psychiatric treatment in over twenty years when I startled a neighbour who nearly died with an axe, and I did not hit him. The axe was his.

Goes Free
But then came the matter to the court last time I had extended the sentence of compulsory psychiatric care, the court went with one of the lawyers read up papers to a similar case where the person did go completely free. At the same time, I was the perfect patient, who did nothing terrible facing care managers, they let me stay on the verdict still these last years when it was up more than plenty. While there then was the mnemonic lawyer pulling up with a person who did go off, then he had already spit, hit and kicked caretakers at home and in institutions. He had own ranks with sick addiction, he had founded this been sicker than the most diseased with supportive reports about the state of mind, and he went off out of any laws controlling him, and to this today is a nice person? Or has wholly been forgotten by the system that would not have anything to take him into as his papers went very blank.

Compulsory Care
It is explicitly mentioning the use of a sick line with the provisions of housing for those with compulsory mental health care. Where it develops rules for patients in such homes, but what concretely is that you must comply with the applicable provisions are not getting anyone stressed. Your paper of laws and regulations must be followed, and they are often hidden in the system. When it explicitly mentions that I was in control of the Controlling Commission for such rules as set in the ahead for me, they might stay as negative statements, the more, the worse. I did not get a single day to suffice because I smoked hash, and I got so many many leaves from home refuse, letters and visits control even the day friends came to visit. It was an unreasonable situation that I had to get out of, and I came out of this, but they are now working on:

What they are working on is to build rules across provisions that are formed well; it takes time but is necessary. But then this means that patients receive more force applied. It is the pure lawless place these ugly hospitals we have where patients feel to scream, so the staff lays them down. It’s how they lead the sick lines to divert any patient where there are no specific duties what is the patient”s rights in the recorded one Patients’ declaration of what is more applicable to the right places, institutions, and treatment centres. It is carefully essential to know that personnel must have various rules they must comply with also how patient records must become written completed to a mentally ill person. It is not specific to the user records to interpret the error to the unique patients, so one can also better into and exit from psychiatric units.

Medication Refuse
There are not any thoroughness investigation on the forced privilege to a person who refuses medication if it is following the right to force the syringe into the person?, But there is not allowed to feed hunger strikers. Still, they feed to provide the food through by the air. The means by these sentences were to explain further need to have lawyers to interpret the Law rightfully since there is no need to use wrong medicine, there is need to understand what is working on the majority of patients. And as still Zyprexa is a false choice and even the depot type of it.

It’s brutal how psychiatry acts in the country, as there are only a few concrete coming in, and once they are inside, so grows journal of it is covered with a plethora of papers. It is the intention that a lot needs to be examined before affirmation to the contrary is proven that the person is 100 % healthy and more obvious to discuss situations concretely and get manipulative out of it all to be free like hell and do what you want. So all papers are given the sentence juridically jailed. But didn’t do anything that the Norwegian Law disallows that the use of conviction and jail is just by the full case to either be pledged guilty or innocent. But excellent speech never ends on any of the caregivers if they did know you from the start as bad. Everyone has an opinion.

It is also true that one can not send healthy people to a psychiatric physician before notification that the person turns his head up and down mentally. They would reach a psychiatrist to write a journal note that must become sifted through as it would have been catastrophic for the person that he is being offered a composition. Which then increases the chances of getting debauchery diagnosed to become a part of the system, and maybe because you are parkinsonian sick from before. It would be possible to medicate so that the person will provoke first psychotic breakthrough, and this is death important to emphasize then that’s how it happens in the psychiatric hospital, the medication is also offered in line with the persuasion that seems like gold and green forests.

It is always the case that treating people very wrong right across how to heal; it is specific to mention that there are psychiatrists plan to conduct such a conversation that gets the person to change attitudes. Even in the most criminal way, when it again seems to be additions and better to lock up criminals in small units where they are reviewed for an interview with a psychologist to be repaired in all areas for a better society for all. And also get a different warning on what he does.

Treat Cases Fast
It is essential to treat most cases at least as fast as possible in court, then implement a provision that can lead a person into specific treatment works if they exist again, and hope it can live in our country.

Being able to prevent is what is essential. One of the many areas we see that talk discussion, you have in a place at a beautiful resort for all people around the village where they live. To increase the number of visitors for the collection of people across the country, it is concrete, so you have to experience people. But or to be put back to a world where you will only experience failure because you have been far too alone. Quietly in their room that could be brewing in their own various ill mental explorations where no can overcome the mind than psychosis medicine. You must treat people with less medication, which is then more important to emphasize that schizophrenia is not going further with that they can grow away from it. But most only by realizing their mind and some by even reducing their weight to a normal state. At that point, there are sometimes miracles to happen with people just because it was meant to happen that one might not be longer sick. Perhaps in specific ways, the immune system in the brain deactivates when you have reduced your weight to minimal normal.

To reduce a person’s sick performances and mental illness using one often more straightforward methods like drugs but as well powders which enlighten one little up, like would plan do to the thinking. See for yourself a society when there are no allowed ways to even eat salt, by drugs like these agents cause a different balance in the body. Which is supported to increase the average amount that we manage to understand something unique so that it goes up a light to the patient. Thus, I think that many should receive treatment with drugs in his time as a patient with close monitoring of psychiatrists where intoxication is mixed with affordable treatment type. By speaking in this way, one we can treat people who otherwise would not have allowed himself to operate. The opportunities are there; it is just how we interpret how we want to develop psychiatric drugs intended for extra insofar else and safe environment and spirituality. By spiritual drugs, often people come to their state of the better. It’s like changing a sex addictive kid on porn to do the opposite the right day. Suppose the drugs were intended to alter their wrong beliefs. And som drugs can do that. We have these years to little experiments where drugs might become more exciting thing than just trying to help someone who does not understand to help themself.

Building and Socialism
I also think that the ugly building we have in this country, the risk for illness episodes are increased. Where claustrophobia is the leading cause of many problems. There is substantiated that people get sick mentally in such buildings that exist in this country, with tight spaces and no opportunity for social contact, with friendly people. It is essential to emphasize the need to treat in a manner where it is so that they feel welcome in such buildings, that one wants to live there? But if you built “one-floor” large complexes with fitness room, TV lounge, radio – living room, separate computer room, these four rooms and a fun room in another end time. Then one can also develop for entertaining walls with the aquarium for total well-being; it should not cost so much to build these buildings which can become minimized attractive from outside than simple standing barracks.

Medical History Cleared Each Year?
The fact that it is treating people after a medical history, it is not possible to change their way without any of it. Still, you are greeted by staff on specific interprets these records very wrong when the concrete is essential to note that you need to write a journal in the sense that it is considered as good material as possible. That it does not have holes in the system that can notify about behaviour change quite so quickly. And then explore the amount of medication you should be given based on this to any patient. The possibilities are open for several drugs that also provides substance abuse, but comfortable feeling to the patient without having to take into account that it is dangerous to distribute. Just like giving sugar to a diabetes person. When administrating medicine these days where it’s a looking product only.

Wrong Diagnose?
What I see very strong on the overused conversation diagnoses where you get it when you say it. Without getting a special investigation that I never understood when I said I was schizophrenic paranoid, it was specific to say I got it as a diagnosis. Thus, it was impossible to treat me like a Parkinson sick person, who had Parkinson’s; they formed a very sick system that led to that I was a difficult patient for over twenty years. With an imbalance where I got medicines that made me caprylic talking all the time about problems. In turn, meant that it was reported that much brutal on me that I did time to go imprisoned for that reason. All this is recorded in my records, how they have managed to master writing so much about me wonderfully weird to think about, more than 15,000 pages or more must be written out if you should have all the information about me. It was a significant failure; at last, I started up with good medicine just 20 years after, imagine, 20 years of ongoing pain. To this date 2020, there are 19 years, but the struggle continues as the ends are closing up, with great medicine, there isn’t anything that can take away my freedom in the future.

Sick Form Journal
And everything is stored in this archive sick forming an understanding of every human being as this is the amount of paper being used against him if he should be a person outside the system. You will always be greeted by a devilish person who knocks you down and puts yourself in a horrible place. And then states that it is the end of you and nothing will be with you because you already, were a patient, it may be manageable in a society where all information is available for almost any investigation. There will always emerge a situation you have to confront differently, and it is usually unlocked to be sicker than the sickest in some cases if you are already a little sick.

Easy Way Out
It is not easy for a real patient, who has been irresistible more intelligent than the power-hungry people. We had led them to build up the laws and rules that should be applied to all. We would set a different composition in the world, most of these intelligent that have just been forgotten within the system psychiatric units, where they unfolded to other patients, this led to patients in situations were outstanding in politics and other activities. Still, they were generally low in wealth and did not have more than one social security to go on with, while, on the other hand, never seen a patient in the psychiatric if the patient has a higher income than fifty thousand dollars. It is the oppressed poor man catches within.

Minority Laws
YES, because one can form a sick picture to those who can not bring a case to court because there are no such cases that go to court, because it costs, and will not so quickly be inked an issue of this with the patient. It is impossible to say how long this has been around, that patients are genuinely forgotten entirely in the community.

Not Dangerous
Do not say that medicine is dangerous. Still, they have no intention of persons with bacteria that produce a different medication for the brain, as it is specifically, so many people have a gut flora which develops into mental stages of a human being in the brain as in earlier posts mentioned about on this site. Many diseases can be equated with this, it is in a generally small amount of info right on this subject, as it is a modish treatment to change the human gastrointestinal flora. It’s not easy to say whether schizophrenia is caused by bacteria in the body that develops chemicals drugging the brain in the way that it is unable to cope with life situations on so theoretically as being a zombie. It is all well, and I mention so you can change the flora and improve the chemicals from the stomach can not reach the brain. They will then be able to exclude many patients from inpatient treatment, if you only had an understanding that one can treat the bacteria that are in the leanest on Earth, it would be cool if we treated others on what you have in your stomach. By the latest science, you will genuinely find Interleukins as the leading cause of illness, which adds up on initiating disease by activating the immune system in the brain.

Being able to cope with life’s tough challenges does little in the way one is mentally in their condition if you are hard-working “been many such situations,” it would be likely that they would be put in the mental system, then medicated so that this is abnormal then one is a balance off the balance you want to achieve, with total outside presence and mental alertness to perform work healthily, there might be many of those who fall outside if they are also using psychiatric medicine drugs, but and okay so does psychiatry a wrong step in a direction that is very extremely difficult to feel like kin to all the tens of thousands of wrongly treated patients who have come into the system even millions more counting now, because it would only investigate. Is it because people cannot meet socially in building built on the ground everywhere open for everyone needing social contact? If so, it would be essential to change society forever.

If, with this stress that politicians must develop a system based on mutual understanding for every person that understands inside and outside, wanting treatment but are faced with hell, it is crucial to make a precise method to perform brief therapy for even the most disadvantaged. We will have to penetrate psychiatry more in the next few years, but it will be likely that the need for treatment will change ten years. One could draw another formal procedure, then what are today, when many patients are struggling with small traumatic syndromes. Due to problematic situations that came into a world where evolution was a step too much into an understanding that is dark through television and the media. Which has caused that we live in a society where love is not specific as it should be? As many divisions and persons having more than one partner in their follow with the life, or have partners outside in many large quantities, as it also is a topic we have not closely studied carefully for any culture, for it to be victorious.

Problems All-Around
The fact that many who come to a community with problems when it is built buildings and roads. So you can not take it easy on a walk, where you get excluded from the social world around, so I recommend then to build elaborate buildings for the social welcome of all kinds, only tea cafes in every village. We can talk about how to make each other better in many ways; it is essential to know that one must work hard to gain a better society. Still, this letter is, however, crucial to get out to the crowd of those who choose the specific choice to those who are weak, then that should come to terms with the most, that you feel comfortable with all the arrangements.

“it’s not easy to make the right choices based on this letter, but I hope it brings most of the dog brutal to light.”

Brutal Treatment
There was a time that I met myself for a brutal treatment that I was given medication that caused that I got voices and was sick and got hallucinations. Still, all this is almost by itself away; it feels like the devil is dead, and it can be confirmed that no many people no longer receive voices in the head lately in our society; those who say it does it to get better treatment. There is not a specific divine beast that would have been in the minds of others as it is an ill -present person who sends impulses. Still, it is impossible to say, we have drugs that have stopped working to give voices in the head, and everyone has stopped talking about the voices in the last few years. And a second error which leads to illness within the hospital, because the devil is dead, what I experienced in hospital was having to bite my thumb, it was then in the foreground I saw the devil, stuck out his one eye with a needle I found in mind. He got angry and told voices commanded me to bite myself in the thumb, and I had to turn the thumb in his mouth while nearly eating, then the agents said to drink blood and then drank more, and after that, I have not heard voices more. And I’ve realized over the last six years that Satan does not exist anymore, more than the most intelligent have been burnt in psychiatry, where they have committed suicide one after another, or had their lives cut short by medicine.

Its insane experiences I have encountered in psychiatry where I have had to concentrate on listening to absurdity and communication has failed between patient and clinicians in the ways that they have been ridiculed. And even destroyed as patients in the form that they were inflicted extreme coercion; there is no end to how people live like beasts in a system that controls the very not concrete. When it is not corrected anything within the range of psychiatry for many years, you might end up wrong. Even then Minister of Health in Norway 8 years ago assumed it happened much good for mental health. So I hope that the new government will be able to clean up after the dirty floor that has the fatal character for patients in pure motive to create trouble for hospitals that causes such a line today leads. Withholding performing Paragraph This paper, but then you get a fatal consequence that this system will one day get a demo that lasts up in the community about the many aspects of the system psychiatry not be bypassed by forgetfulness of all the written. We will see a better society if we change the overall mental health system to treat people across locations, especially with tea and a coffee house, it would have been outstanding since it would also be possible to provide people meticulously place to be on one in every home, with no public execution of a collaboration across the coffee and tea houses, it would have been easy to come to a basic understanding of the many different tasks that must be performed municipal and socially for the future best wealthy, there are many essential things as cheap tea and coffee in these houses, enough to hire a kitchen person who has the task of opening and locking such a building, and that can disseminate information to other homes, whether it\\”s something important however to get to with how people treated is very easy to lay listening to on these sites, there are a few, not many visits these places because they are too weak, but at such centers with receiving mental problematic treated in many municipalities. But people who are not sick are not able to meet other people than to secure the weekends to experience life in a strange and possibly right way. Still, it is not true that one can not reach a special supernatural love outside seldom anyone any place other than a cruel bar here in Norway. When the gathering is trying to achieve in any other way than just partying, there will be opportunities for a strange society that does not look more to get out of the problem.

I suggest we stop giving medicine to all patients in the community and release all people from psychiatrists and jails and give people another chance. Still, that’s nearly impossible, just in a dream, where people dangerous to society needs a place in a mental hospital. I truly know that in future if God is permitted to charge then. It will be given punishment to people even more powerful and also those who rule the world, as psychiatric tenders or even my psychologist. That is crazy as a maniac and imposes anyone into madness, with her beautiful treatment of telling only a few can get the treatment you are seeking.

Sincerely, Dealazer

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