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You know, who would believe a crazy story? Who would think I was the key to the movie Titanic that had such a tremendous impact globally?

Well, it wasn’t for most in 1999, I lost my memory, I’ve lost everything, I’ve lost my pin code to my phone, all my contacts even didn’t know my name or my parent’s name. It was a hell journey through hell. Well, as I was at that moment, I was directing the movie Titanic.

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It wasn’t that easy to remember; I do not have any memory of 1999-2001. Still, I made the movie Titanic somehow. It’s not because I remember several things, but I had several people contact from that time of occasion. They were all on my system and were since the days around me. I even called Pamela Anderson in 1996. That’s why I knew everyone was contactable. So you could gather the team you wanted if you were convincing enough.
Still, some musical artists were probably one of the essential parts of the movie. Lacy Darryl Phillips, because you know, I know him, he does not know anything about me as all were who were in the project might have been told to remove me as contact from that time. That is what I believe, but maybe they weren’t exposedly told to remove me; they didn’t even know that much of me? Well, if this was something I did even when eating several 542 pills at that time? How would it be at that time? How would the story end? Even start?

That wasn’t that they gave me something? A pill to destroy my memory? Well, it might be those little white turtle pills that came out in 2000. We got in the middle of dealing drugs to be forced into selling ecstasy since it was the end of weed; they could not give us more hash.
I do not remember this guy from a country, but he was always selling, the police knew him but took the little people in the selling, so if you snitched, they took you if you didn’t; most were left alone. That was the police at that time.
That was the year 2000. Still, we’ve got to understand that even Eirik Jensen was not guilty. All who worked around him was guilty. The cops were bought out by the system, or at least the money from Hollywood USA?

But anyway, let us pick the most important thing about the movie Titanic. Yeah, it was the choice between Jane Elisabeth Taylor, or Kate Winslet, because I always liked Aerosmith, I loved that band, and therefore with my little tiny head, I could be off to understand that she was the right woman for the part of the movie.
Nevertheless, why did I choose Leonardo Di Caprio? Well, it was because of the movie Romeo and Juliet. That was coming out around 1996-1997. He was the hottest pick in the scene; he was the hottest actor that could ever become to stand as an actor. Since Leonardo, he started maybe as a waiter in several movies and got a breakthrough in Romie and Juliet’s cinema. So who, you first ask? Well, you ask Jane Elisabeth Taylor why she used several years to practice for the movie?

Still Titanic was in production since 1999-2000, and in 6-7 years, the production went far enough to be released in 2006.
2006 was the year, and for most, my friend peeked through google, and they are telling 1997. Well, that’s a big farted lie. All know it was in 2006. Who anyone you ask, they will all say 2006. If you say it’s written on google 1997, well, they say, yeah, that’s correct. Who foolish aren’t we of all information on the net?

Anyway, Titanic 2 came out in 1997. Or even earlier. 2010 was the year when a revisited version of the actual Titanic came out since they re-wrote little of the movie and made it more with effects on computers, making it even more relaxed than just simple Titanic.

Get a DVD of the movie Titanic and tell me the dates? Who directed well some Joseph Franklin? My father name was Joseph.

But taken far that the movie was titled “Loveboat” from the beginning as I titled it that way, who changed the movie title we never will maybe know? Anyway, originality stays to originality. Loveboat was ever before being used.
You would believe this, but it isn’t easy to think about the documentary about making Titanic. In that documentary, they say already they didn’t have the script, well in that documentary, they say they found the reason to make the movie because of discovery. Well, it might be accurate, but it can be a lie as well.
But the team I put together already had a group, so they were already ready to make a movie but decided to make the Titanic instead?

It sounds reasonable very reasonable to that answer that they’ve made the Titanic possible since there was already a team for the movie, just that the director “me” just went off, not giving a signal at all. Yes, my phone got jammed because I didn’t know my pin code. So I ordered a new phone number since I bought a new chip. I didn’t think at all more, and they brainwashed my mind?

We’d know that the team that I brought together for the Loveboat was enormous. But where was the script? The script of the movie?
Well, my Father, who was a pragmatic, utilitarian useful, practical computer scientist, was the first one to co-produce surveillance programs, at least did know how to make. So he had access to my email. He was the first to enter Norsk Data. Norwegian Data Intelligence, which sprouts out to become the leading architects of Norwegian computer technology and sells products to the police and government from around 1996-2000.

That time my email was pderda@hotmail.com, Which I’ve used. Not that I’ve used it today. I still have access. But several emails were deleted after someone claimed my account. After then, I have a few moviemaking contacts that want me on several types of systems. Some guys have my address to use still by the time from that time; let’s perhaps look at one? Jack Fisher wants me into Nextdoor already in 8/6/2019. Several emails from back before 2010 got deleted from that account. That was my past, but someone stole my account until I reclaimed it in 2008β€”some strange person who even created a Facebook account on my email.

So the exciting thing is that my Father directed the movie Titanic just. Furthermore, he was writing the script for the film behind my back???, that is what I’ve believed because my Father’s name was Josef. Who do you call? Ghostbusters? He anyway could have made simple forgery with his name.
Well, some other guy or the guy for the movie, well, it was Steven Spielberg. He was the one making Jurrasic Park in 1996. So why Titanic came out in 1997? I hell do not know. Anyway, Steven Spielberg was also a catch to make it possible in the movie since he was the best out there. He got hired to do that movie; even I still hadn’t checked who made the movie in. First of all, I wanted to write all of this before I settled for answers.

What I’ve done was to gather the best people in Hollywood; nevertheless, it was just a delirium since I do not remember what I’ve done. Was I haunted for that for several years? Well, I was where I was. But the drugs I’ve done take utilized my brain capacity to know how to do it, like it was an act of insanity and then still sanity and then again so heavily drugged I could not remember. Who and what I’ve done, preparations to this I truly know I did.

And the only thing that is available still today is the remembrance of the guy who made it possible, though my Father asked me if I wanted the Empire or the Empire of dust? Like perhaps you’ve listened to Johnny Cash?
I could have it all if I indeed were to hold myself 100% clean, well I want, and I would.

Then maybe another movie comes at the end of the road? Something I’ve was thinking of for so long? Alien Invasion, as some real movie? Not fake well?
That’s when they try to cope around the globe looking for a hit? An alien invasion with several cows disappearing when they try to enter hyperspeed? And Trump pisses his pants.?

When I wrote this all, I didn’t check google or whatever else. I did want the real answers to all the real memory I had before I eventually tried google.

Latest update: I find it true that I’ve missed the year of Titanic, but it was the year 2002, as I believe. The DVD year. Until 2010 came along with no DVD.
Try searching Titanic 1997, Titanic 2002, Titanic, 2010, Titanic 2006. See what you find most reasonable? Well, there is plenty of people selling the DVD of Titanic. I still believe I have it somewhere in my locker until I get a new house.

Latest edit: Titanic was released in 1997. But does that make sense? Well, if it was already released in 2002? I don’t know; take the DVD as the true solution to the questions made.

Maybe there already was a team to produce the Loveboat? Maybe or not? You never know what a 542 pill can do.

By Dealazer

The greatest movement will be done by vocalization of the great knowledge one can get. Musical interest in unknown artists is so low that most fail being them.

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