Why some people don’t know how things were, they obviously can’t count the little that I’ve been doing for a long time. Since the featured image to this post? It’s been devastatingly removing all my Tweets on Twitter Automatically, Trump paid tribute to shut me down, but he couldn’t entirely do it. However, his fight against me started somewhere between 29th July between 3rd and 10th September, announcing that I made Trump use the 30.000 deleted emails term on Hillary back in 2016. So that has been a total re-work. The actual thing was that he used my statement but discredited me thoroughly, even with a cover-up.

I never admired Trump for running the second term; in fact, he might be a part of the media we call today fake press, what he called the counterfeit media worked for him. But you would never understand that if you look for the 30.000 deleted emails proof that lies everywhere on the internet from the most extensive newspaper redactors, and plenty of them known as Guardian and so on changed all their news back to 27th July 2016 from actual 3rd September 2016.

As perhaps my earlier writing was here on this subject at this place:

Why Trump won the Presidency because of me?

So you might be ahead already reading that?

Now, let me go over some examples of the election 2020. This perhaps makes the interested to know how the steal was. At that point, I was unsure about it everything. But problem nr. 1 for Trump was that he ordered most likely the flipping of Trump to Biden, Biden to Trump at some point in the election, or Biden might have done that. Fear of that sum I’ve posted on my Twitter just before the election. A due President can only order such cryptical change in the voting machines or maintain voting so that any votes get Biden Trump, Trump Biden. Even the mail-in ballots. I was worried that my Twitter would become a problem at a certain point because of a flip.

Today’s investigators need to see the difference between the number of new mail-in ballots, where they register and by, and who it registers for exactly. The simple truth about the change will become a big problem based on several million mail-in ballots, which are indeed destroyed these days being sent for recycling.

featured imageSee here, the whole thing about the flip that was before the flip started. And some places, the votes didn’t even flip it; at least it was secured not to be reversed.

Not only that New York and California were Blue; they stayed the same, but Trump’s worries and looking at my predictions telling that Biden would do that. You must be smart enough like me, enough to be extradited to the USA from Norway to tell the true story? Simple enough still the pressure Trump had enough of my predictions that this was something Biden would do?

And in between, you would want to look at all my Tweets in 2020. But also @Wondalizer – Remember that some of my tweets have been hidden by certain governments. But they are all still available somehow, but I believe there are many deleted. Many replies were doomed to make things different, so you won’t see all of it if you only look at my tweets. The blatant cool thing was many of my Tweets at that time were intriguing for Americans actually to vote for Biden. Biden didn’t win, but Trump didn’t either; he put himself into the coffin for several things.

It does not matter that much what I’ve done, but I was everywhere any hole you could find on Twitter, everywhere my retweets to likes were astoundingly high even for Twitter not fully being real or anything about any stats. I made my day on some things people do not believe. Well, you might want to wonder if this story is real? Most likely, you would try to say, well, we assume you, but we do not see any proof? The explanations are scattered on my Twitter account on how to fool the election and used against Trump in his loss, or he used it against himself? Flipping the votes, it was like 50/50 for Trump and not 100%. So many of my tweets are maybe disgusting based on how Trump got his blame for being too aristocratic and not using a sense of real-life in a better-suited way.

So anyway, you might see this. I’m probably Simpsons if Trump can win back the throne? Well, it’s only possible with all votes on the voting machines as “pulse votes” being discounted. As I’ve said, these votes are 1000 at max per the second send and at least pulsating or some seconds difference between. How many seconds do you need for 7 million votes? 1000 x 1000 is 1 million. So that a high number of intrusions aren’t required, say perhaps 100 per second would in one day give? Eighty-six thousand four hundred seconds a day, then? 8.640.000 million if the voting was up for one whole day and voting machines enabled.

So if someone can prove pulse voting at a rate, not numbers of 10.000 certain times of the day of voting, suppose most were pulse votes even 30 seconds before closing. Who would believe it was not fraud?

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But my hypothesis shared was these statements:

Someone will make a chip into the voting machines, where 1-2 people can vote at regulated times with connection to a server. This timeframe catch isn’t something the FBI did look for since the number of tampered votes was many and then flipped. Surely many ballots would be like pulse voting, each and another two minutes in a row of several. So this made Trump want to convert the votes; he feared that. But it could be different as people were bought and have a damn excellent celebration today.

So about the chip or request to send in votes. When that is done, you have around 100-1000 requests each second or so in a minute. This means that anyone who sends in the vote needs to do it slowly. Since the network of franchises might be monitored by the FBI, there wasn’t any monitoring? Or just a simple way that the votes were punched in and sent to the central server. The hack would do that with different proportions, but a person puts in a vote as perhaps in the time range. But they might have missed the timestamp, and it should have been nanoseconds registering in the milliseconds. Assure this might be about static numbers that it would be a problem that some can reveal today. Maybe?

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Right on time, I didn't believe in this, but surely now things start to be clear, and light has shown the darkness what happened with the election of 2020. #ElectionFraud #Biden #Trump #Writing #Story #Investigate #VotingFraud Click To Tweet

Secondly, mail-in ballots everyone could send in vote on them, at around 100 million votes it could have ended. Since Trump and Biden could use the techniques, the ending voting ended on Biden, but the most crucial part was that mail-in-ballots all had a meaning of who could do the job.

Either Trump and Biden might have discussed this to use this system the way it feels ok for them, but at least you didn’t know the output of them, at any measure, they would have made Trump sit since the Republicans got fewer votes in both the House of Representatives and the Senate. Enough votes in the Senate Trump would have stayed; I don’t know today’s History, but I know Trump lost both. Most in the House of Representatives and two members of the Senate for a Biden win.

At least I’ve tried to explain specific ways how the whole process of voting machines would have its flaws. Indeed, this pulsing method seemed to work out of sending votes in pulse or every 180 seconds, when it was measured how long it took for a voter to vote, then again, maybe more randomised times?

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But you know you must use the right people and right dead people. There weren’t enough people to account for already have voted, but someone else voted for them. And that’s probably many. At least most people in the USA might have voted even taken for the people that didn’t. At least if one vote is counted, at least their names are represented, so either Trump or Biden gets a vote, but that was nearly possible with mail-in-ballots, so no-one could ever know if actually, they were with several votes by days in voting.

At least you might not know fully. At least you might think that the whole process of votes was wrong. At some state, there could have been this flip situation where mail-in-ballots for Trump ended being Biden at the moment, and indeed that must have cost. Trump was losing the election. And not only, but the mail-in-ballots could also be surely be sent in double up. Since it is hard to believe, some mail-in-ballots were sent in twice.

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So Trump, what’s the deal? It’s going to be us or what? Since I just wanted to become the Vise President of the USA. Anyway, it’s possible, and you need the brain I have to make the criminal act, the changes for a better society. To make sure all have jobs, make sure the world is safe to make sure all have free healthcare of some sort for several types of illnesses paid by health insurance contractors. To indeed payout at least a number, certainly, there’s a way rich people surely could deliver a 10-20% percent of their income for the betterment of all?

Anything is possible, but most do not see beyond their self, I was trained to become the Vise President. I watched every damn movie, every such act on Tv to even read books about everything. So it’s up to you to deny my freedom; it’s like you didn’t deserve it either. Quotes are lifelong power, and only in them that will you win over yourself and the people. There you know yourself, you are enlightened, but the more you think about your faults, you will deepen yourself within them.

So anyway, it’s about making the whole world unique and Utopian, and one man can’t change the entire future? Well, it’s still possible. It’s up to you to see heroism somewhere it started and went on to become significant. Say perhaps you would want excellent healthcare? If Would that be simple simplicity? Then it would be enormous good. You need a lazy guy like me to do the job. And without it, you can’t survive for your daughter to win either the race of becoming a President if truly not needed after your term.

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Why did Trump lose his second term because of me?

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