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Story: I’ve been locked up – The Hero Quest – Biggest Nutmeg Party
1 day ago no Comment

Seven agen bitten that way, faraway whizz ko ok be karamnei. So the party begun while my mind occupied to the fest, that this non-social disabled text takes you to the parts that the voice is unclear towards stating that all this has been forsaken, those who know my deepest end, it’s like familirize yourself […]

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picture taken by dealazer shows a face
1 month ago 3 Comments

When we talk about mental health problems. We might prefer to call them non-chronic if the brain has not got any physical damage. Often such gives root to call it a mental problem as a perhaps a wide range of different diagnoses has made it possible. Let me refrain this little: Brain damage to perhaps […]

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picture taken out of jupiter
1 month ago 1 Comment

Schizophrenia is by Hegel described as psychosis, which is confusion. What makes the confusion is interleukin-6 and interleukin-1-beta, which does degrade or at least confuses the dopamine system. “Karolinska Institute about interleukin and Schizophrenia.” Some people can become healed as soon as the immune system in the brain of Schizophrenia is disabled. Means that Schizophrenia […]

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quote get shit done
3 months ago 6 Comments

By learning how to become a better person in especially psychiatry isn’t an easy way out of the problems, often its the environment of being still the same being the same, doing the same. Then expecting any solution doing the same, would be like putting flame on insanity. Towards the future, you might want to […]

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police bullet in nokas robbery
4 months ago 5 Comments

What would the robber behind the Mastermind David Toska, be if it was not him who stole papers that had valid date to even 1.1.2020? It could been worth on the paper 1000* what the actual amount they got away with. Understanding Let me give you understanding, the robbers did only get away with plenty […]

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German Cruiser Blücher Sinking
4 months ago 3 Comments

We know from history there was one ship from the German forces which sunk around 1940 in Oslofjorden. What we don’t know is how they did sink that ship. Well, openminded, you aren’t aware that a standard torpedo would not sink that powerful vessel. Well, it might have been a wholely different story if they […]

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quote do what is right, not what is easy!
4 months ago 4 Comments

My Simple Case It is brutally how the system in Norway has been subject to laws and regulations are not followed to the sense required. It made brutal mistakes on psychiatric patients in far too many years when you can barely breathe in how sick it was. How the laws interpret even within and outside […]

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Fatpig Widescreen Royalty Free Picture
4 months ago 31 Comments

There is this type of weight loss procedure that most common is commenced mostly by more influential people. I might call myself that at least. So the process procedure might be; simple as deadly for the stomach fat. Starvation It’s no hola hola. But starvation is the key to lose weight. And in this tutorial, […]

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landsat edited picture by dealazer
4 months ago 7 Comments

Disclaimer: Artist of this document does not apprehend the use of characters, it’s solely written with a difference from real beliefs and may not contain appropriate source as well as it may be inconsistent work of just imagination and fantasy. Lowered IQ The world the laughter, the joy, it eventually started out to be a […]

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adrencromo drug picture
4 months ago 8 Comments

Disclaimer: This is just a wholely hypothetical talk about the sewer ant parasite. What you understand does not mean it’s true. Sewer Ant Joga As we might come to conclusions there still remains unsolved mysteries with the unbalance in the brain system. What causes these unbalances mainly described as ADHD, Schizophrenia, Bipolar and Parkinsonism to […]

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