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Dealazer – Wonder Trance I Trust in! – About Page – Future Music & Much More

  • God who’s he – The Tale

    God who’s he – The Tale

    God is somehow personally at you. He is even further in the future at you… But if God used his time since 100 billion years ago. So he tempered with inner illusions when he was born as well to this universe. The mind shouldn’t exist. God has as well had a start? Not perfect? And […]Read More »
  • Book – BASIC

    Book – BASIC

    When we are basic, we are basic, simple enough. I hate ASIC makes me acid, like Tracid against. While being who I am, I am not who else I could be, but I believe that who else you are, you are?. Not basic as they are. Tho who take away your dreams can’t sleep because […]Read More »
  • Timeless Travel of Randomness – Short Book of Storytelling

    Timeless Travel of Randomness – Short Book of Storytelling

    One random occurrence to the actual to fit unstable particle once in a lifetime, or billion to million still nevertheless anyhow eternal quest never possible? And never was possible? The actuality that we today have Cern as specialized equipment for particle collision. Somehow some of these techniques lay to the future respondent time travel bubble. […]Read More »
  • Little strange story – The life on the other side of Schizophrenia

    Little strange story – The life on the other side of Schizophrenia

    I guess Gilde, the Norwegian meat producer, has a collection of HPV viruses in their salamis and other meat infection sources. I believe and guess. But that’s for a reason. The HPV virus “Human Pappillo Virus” does with many men who are not fully spectrum vaccinated, a vaccine that is something you do not get […]Read More »
  • Norwegian: Sensurenharkommet

    Norwegian: Sensurenharkommet

    Dette er det fulle manifestet i avsluttende arbeid rundt prosjektene med musikken jeg har drevet med i flere Γ₯r, med svΓ¦rt metodisk gjennomfΓΈring av Γ₯ undergrunnsette musikken min i sΓΈkemotorer samt oppfΓΈring i forskjellige databaser og systemer samt forksjellige utvigelses restriksjoner og oppfΓΈringer pΓ₯ tvers av verdens musikkarena for Γ₯ redusere hensiktsmessig promotering og faktisk […]Read More »
  • Conspire About Million Years In The Past- The Flintstones – Hollow Moon – Death Start – Crates – Nukes – Past – Dinosaurs

    Conspire About Million Years In The Past- The Flintstones – Hollow Moon – Death Start – Crates – Nukes – Past – Dinosaurs

    Maybe some years back, we would have watched people go skiing in the mountains when even lava would float around. Time Travelers, at least how things might look when you go some stages up in hills in Norway, perhaps around VardΓ₯sen. These strange paths are foretaken when you could see that these people were skiing […]Read More »
  • Today a new Album is out! Oh my God it’s Techno!

    Today a new Album is out! Oh my God it’s Techno!

    For most, it’s a heartbreaking sound. Especially the elder! But with the quality, they can withstand the play of these tracks! It’s a miracle to Itunes to Spotify to anything that holds their profit to this album. Quality and throughout work for these tracks has been a deep silent work but has been made for […]Read More »
  • Short Book of Storytelling – Back to the Future 2155 – Time Travel Revelealed – Wicked Chaos Master

    Short Book of Storytelling – Back to the Future 2155 – Time Travel Revelealed – Wicked Chaos Master

    It is a small tale, but not that small one, but a big one! If you read further you might discover something kinda strange and odd. But it’s a big carousel anyway. Circus has come to town to evolve your future another time. Still unmade things tend to come, and the wrath has been killed […]Read More »
  • What I’ve think of the World of Today! Jihad and the holy war in your mind! Short Story!

    What I’ve think of the World of Today! Jihad and the holy war in your mind! Short Story!

    What do I think? I think the world is just 1/3 of what we know, what we’ve seen, what we’ve been told. It’s just a matter of your courage to discover. It’s not simple, but it’s possible. Try perhaps thinking of how you can find a route going from New Zealand to Chile? You won’t […]Read More »
  • Story about Bohemian Rhapsody – The Big Steal

    Story about Bohemian Rhapsody – The Big Steal

    Listen, I have a story to tell. It’s not little; it’s a tall tale. In 2015 I attended the use of a mixing DJ website where I could upload my remix. Indeed it all was about Bohemian Rhapsody. The fun about it is that the site owners remix it or mix it, don’t fully remember […]Read More »

deaLazer the hero of the nation. Truly must say he worked as an influencer for 5 years now in this year of 2023. And the future is that several years after he maybe becomes something? Maybe we all become something after years. So having it all is still possible. He can have it all, but not at once.

 Image from site  quote have it all

deaLazer has been producing strange music, music that does not fit into proper ways unless it’s a specific track, music mainstream hates, at least the already established music industry. It can’t be played without annoyance. At least it scares people away, since most are programmed to listen to several other specific tracks of different proportion that makes your soul crave evil, and so, doing evil. As it is said, these never have specific message, and contains devilish typo lyrics.

But Dealazer most often strived for holy music, with music to manifest the world with the belief of a wrath that since Jesus or Jesus himself became Satan to rule the world and was trapped in a trap, and so on, we live in a world where things must be fixed! And act now to fix it all. It ain’t easy Dealazer tried himself. But there’s no-one out there to catch you anymore for your greatness. In the past you would be butchered for nothing, at least being someone. Live your dreams. Did you know? Hottest track around is the track Dealazer – Willy Mix.

Why not start reprogramming yourself? Reset your brain? Questioning everything you believed in? So, the whole sentence erupts brain restart? Doesn’t it? You’ll find comfort in Dealazer, unless Dealazer deepened himself of God’s rhythm towards making you uncomfortable? So as long, hit that self-comfort button and hear about me later, since most will return for another knock out, wouldn’t they?

Here you will find the latest music by deaLazer! Some cool mints of course! At this player on the site. This player is not working all places but after some time it’s a pleasure to be awhile with this. It also works to play random tracks on your phone, and you can listen to the songs in the background which you can’t with most players, even some music apps don’t play that way. Hurray!

Surely you know that the music Dealazer been making was or is or will be underground for pretty much longer, unless the social media can’t control Dealazer’s accounts on Twitter or Facebook for some kind of special viral content. The most important part is not that you follow people, but who follow you. At ends it does not even shine through, you will always feel being cheated, but fact to the problem is that some don’t have time to check you out. Imagine someone not even capable of anything in a fully packed week?


deaLazer produced many tracks back in 2001 with special different vibe, but tracks in 2006 he started to emerge with additional new stuff since he really wanted the music to sound as good as possible with its unique touch, and many tracks have undergone more deep quality configuration lately. And many tracks surely play 3D sound. A THX system is more specific to what you need. Unfiltered speakers that can play beautiful way. So get on the train to listen to most of all Dealazer tracks since that’s where it heads at.

Did you know that deaLazer is hard to spell when written Dealazer? And it is truly so hard that people can’t refer to my music as being deaLazer. Since the name of spelling, that name is nearly impossible for native Americans to speak right. They don’t say it properly. You will have to specifically use the deal Ay Zer version of speaking the name, with a stum Y. And even telling people to say it right is impossible. But the musicprogram FL Studio with the computer voice generator, has right sound of Dealazer when generated.

 Image from site  quote dealazer

Dealazer has made different achievements in music more strange types of ambient techno to trance productions. Lately, he is singing his own songs for different tracks and has released already several rap albums and intends to do a procedure to extend the quality as it is possible on all his tracks, and this has been done by updating Spotify with the latest quality of these tracks. The next rap album to speculate about will become the best album yet not created.

 Image from site  nver give up

Tweaking all sounds to a unique experience. deaLazer mostly did not use anything that could be told as easy-made sound, he even doesn’t use the same plugins as many producers do, and he strictly creates sound with weeks of tweaking especially with the plugin called Sytrus. He also makes each sound tweak to perfection. Dealazer is using fewer tools than most producers often use, that is really easy to figure out its origin. Most of the tracks Dealazer has been working with, are chill and have a very special monologic setting, with less use of effects and stuff that can be hard and disadvantageous to the production. So many of his tracks are very basic in the mean of each genre he has been working on but often has quality finish. But if you are hooked up on the latest music, you might bet you are listening to more improved sound. And has more special vibes to it. Not all, but some few.

featured quote Image from site  love doingAll tracks have a special finish and have plain good sound on most units, so seldom a track sounds weird. Mastering is his specialty and he really does his best to maintain that level. Even no resonance is heard in all of his tracks, and bass levels are just wonder-good and even so super cool that most musicians would just wanna taste the same system he uses. Dealazer has also been a big producer help to many artists and owns the group called FL Studio Classroom on Facebook with 5,000 followers in 2016 and with 50,000 to the extent of the need to create a similar one called Part 2. “So Join in if you want a different sound production level, search for FL Studio Classroom Part 2.”

Do you need an inquiry to get help with your mastering on your track, also that is possible to use the remaster@dealazer.com or thecontact field on this site.

when my absence doesn't alter your life Image from site  When my AbsenceYou might find many different tracks through all his years of working, and many of them are even so cool you wouldn’t find anything as special as these tracks anywhere else. You might just wanna buy a few of these collectibles so you really could do something cool off with them, playing on your own home stereo, or you might as well be a company looking for a special sound to app or movie. Anything is there on the internet already.

deaLazer has been working on many sites so here is his shortlist of achievements:
diesoftly.com – investment into the world
affylis.com – Investment News
musicarava.com – Artists music sharing site
markanaka.com – A coaching company
wonderousbeats.com – beats for producers
artodeto.com – Future Billboard
psychosia.com – Psychiatry Tube about Mentality
psycholatic.com – His Label of music release
loopswag.com – Tutorials for Music Making with FL Studio

Dealazer has resigned using Soundcloud. They stopped his followers at 2190 for 5 years. Even he got proof of new followers each day & week.

featured image quote Image from site  life is so much brighterHearthis.at is widely more used, and the best artists only use hearthis.at

Get the app!

Twitter as well as proofs foolishness of disabling viral posts as well as Spotify and iTunes are giving no real play numbers! Don’t trust artists with high play rates, trust those who have around 2000 followers and their music!

 Image from site  6378f4a63c3a16962d40b960aa740f23


One day deaLazer will become the establishment, under such means not all at the top will have a nice day, still, maybe deaLazer will become the ultimate. Who knows what the next day brings? But already everything will be served.

If you follow Dealazer he surely delivers difference, there are different links to some of his social accounts as well, but he keeps them in full secrecy. Not all need to know Facebook, but Twitter is much of a good vibe. @Dealazer is all you need?

Follow for all eternity: @Affylis @Loop_Swag @InvestDiesoftly @Markanaka @WonderousBeats @Psycholatic @PsychosiaTube @Dealazer @ Click To Tweet

A fan once told that Dealazer creates post-punk Electronica, it might be as usual that genre is that what describes the most. Another fan told that one of his songs could be played on reverse and have unique vibe of satanic proportions.

quote on accidently Image from site  meet anyone accidentlyEnjoy Dealazer music! Send inquiry to inquiry@dealazer.com, Send remaster@dealazer.com for remastering your track. Send a message with the contact form. If you can’t reach deaLazer with the contact form as can be with deleted spam use the inquiry e-mail.

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Donate the easy way to my Business Psycholatic:

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